Fol Chen

Fol Chen at the Granada Theater in 2010.

American electronic band from Los Angeles, California, formed in 2009.

- Fol Chen

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Asthmatic Kitty

American independent record label founded in 1999 by a community of musicians from Holland, Michigan led by Sufjan Stevens and his stepfather Lowell Brams.

Fol Chen

Part I: John Shade, Your Fortune's Made

Part I: John Shade, Your Fortune's Made is the first studio album by the Los Angeles band Fol Chen.

Adam Samuel Goldman

Los Angeles–based composer, music producer, and artist.

Adam Samuel Goldman, Los Angeles, 2018

He is best known as songwriter and producer for the art-pop band Fol Chen, which released three albums on Sufjan Stevens's Asthmatic Kitty label from 2009 to 2013 and was noted for its "instantly unique blend of dread and whimsy."

Purplish Rain

Compilation of Prince covers released by Spin magazine for readers of its July 2009 issue.

3) "The Beautiful Ones" (Performed by Fol Chen) - 5:01

The False Alarms

Fol Chen at the Granada Theater in 2010.

The False Alarms is the third studio album by American electro-pop group Fol Chen.

The Longer U Wait

The Longer U Wait is an album of remixes related to Fol Chen, released on Asthmatic Kitty as a digital download in 2009.

Baths (musician)

American electronic musician.

Baths in concert 27 April 2014

Fol Chen – "In Ruins (Baths Remix)" (2010)

Julian Wass

American television writer, director, film composer, producer, and electronic musician from Los Angeles, California.

A film score being recorded by the composer (conducting at the podium, with his back to the camera) and a small ensemble. The film is playing on the screen to act as a reference.

Wass co-produced all three Fol Chen albums, and in 2011, collaborated with bandmate Adam Samuel Goldman to co-produce Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Simone White's fourth album, Silver Silver.

Night Verses

American post-rock band from Fullerton, California.

Garrett Henritz (formerly of Fol Chen and HRVRD),

Bedroom Walls

American pop rock band active from 2001–2007 in Los Angeles, CA.

Bedroom Walls performing live in 2006.

It was formed in 2001 by Adam Samuel Goldman (later of Fol Chen) on guitar/vocals, with keyboardist/vocalist Melissa Thorne and drummer Julian Gross (now of Liars).