Ammunition rigged for an IED discovered by Iraqi police in Baghdad in November 2005
Examples of anti-personnel mines. Center: Valmara 69 (a bounding mine); right: VS-50
Grooved body of a Second World War-era U.S. Mk 2 grenade. The grooves covering the exterior of the grenade are used to aid in the gripping of the grenade when throwing.
This Cougar in Al Anbar, Iraq, was hit by a directed charge IED, approximately 90 –.
Swedish FFV 028 anti-tank-mines of the German Bundeswehr (inert versions)
Diagram of S-mine in the delivery of steel ball fragments
X-ray of a suitcase showing a pipe bomb and a laptop.
Roman caltrop
An illustration of a fragmentation bomb from the 14th century Ming Dynasty text Huolongjing. The black dots represent iron pellets.
Improvised explosive device in Iraq. The concave copper shape on top defines an explosively formed penetrator/projectile
Illustration of the "self-tripped trespass land mine" from the Huolongjing
Artillery shells and gasoline cans discovered in the back of a pick-up truck in Iraq
'Underground sky soaring thunder', land mines connected to weapons above ground, from the Wubei Zhi
Early artillery shell, with the fragments it would generate. 1900
A U.S. Marine in Iraq shown with a robot used for disposal of buried devices
Cutaway diagram of the S-mine
Artillery shell fragment from the Gulf War
Israeli IDF Caterpillar D9 armored bulldozer, which is used by the IDF Combat Engineering Corps for clearing heavy belly charges and booby-trapped buildings.
The Schu-mine 42, the most common mine used in the Second World War
Grenade fragments in the soft tissue of the lower leg (along with an old fracture of the fibula)
U.S. Marines with Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) destroy an improvised explosive device cache in southern Afghanistan in June 2010.
Claymore mine with firing device and electric blasting cap assembly
A Stryker lies on its side following a buried IED blast in Iraq. (2007)
An L9 Bar Mine
Oil-drum roadside IED removed from culvert in 1984
Section of an anti-tank mine. Note the yellow main charge wrapped around a red booster charge, and the secondary fuze well on the side of the mine designed for an anti-handling device
Wheelbarrow counter-IED robot on streets of Northern Ireland in 1978
Diagram of components
Captured IEDs from a cache left behind by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, Syria, 26 January 2019
Examples of anti-handling devices
Anti personnel mine in Cambodia
A U.S. Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal technician removing the fuze from a Russian-made mine to clear a minefield outside of Fallujah, Iraq
Argentine minefield at Port William, Falkland Islands created in 1982; clearance inhibited by boggy terrain
Minefield warning on the Golan Heights, still valid more than 40 years after creation of the field by the Syrian army
School posters in Karabakh educating children on mines and UXO
British Royal Engineers practice mine clearance
Party states to the Ottawa Treaty (in blue)
Bomb disposal Advanced Bomb Suit

Fragmentation is the process by which the casing, shot, or other components of an anti-personnel weapon, bomb, barrel bomb, land mine, IED, artillery, mortar, tank gun, or autocannon shell, rocket, missile, grenade, etc. are dispersed and/or shattered by the detonation of the explosive filler.

- Fragmentation (weaponry)

In the conflicts of the 21st century, anti-personnel improvised explosive devices (IED) have partially replaced conventional or military landmines as the source of injury to dismounted (pedestrian) soldiers and civilians.

- Improvised explosive device

Overlapping both categories is the improvised explosive device (IED), which is "a device placed or fabricated in an improvised manner incorporating explosive material, destructive, lethal, noxious, incendiary, pyrotechnic materials or chemicals designed to destroy, disfigure, distract or harass. They may incorporate military stores, but are normally devised from non-military components."

- Land mine

Car bombs can carry thousands of pounds of explosives and may be augmented with shrapnel to increase fragmentation.

- Improvised explosive device

Their defensive line, the Mannerheim Line, integrated these natural defenses with mines, including simple fragmentation mines mounted on stakes.

- Land mine
Ammunition rigged for an IED discovered by Iraqi police in Baghdad in November 2005

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