Fridays (TV series)

FridaysFridays!Fridays'' (TV series)incident
Fridays is the name of ABC's weekly late-night live comedy show, which aired on Friday nights from April 11, 1980 to April 23, 1982.wikipedia
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Melanie Chartoff

The show featured many recurring characters and sketches, short films, and a parody news segment called Friday Edition, with Melanie Chartoff as the anchor (later joined by Rich Hall in seasons two and three).
She first became famous for her comedy work on the ABC series Fridays (1980–82), and in the 1990s Fox sitcom Parker Lewis Can't Lose.

Rich Hall

Otis Lee CrenshawVanishing America
The show featured many recurring characters and sketches, short films, and a parody news segment called Friday Edition, with Melanie Chartoff as the anchor (later joined by Rich Hall in seasons two and three).
He wrote and performed for a range of American networks, in series such as Fridays, Not Necessarily the News (popularising the "sniglet" neologism), and Saturday Night Live.

Andy Kaufman

Andy's Funhousea staged on-airAndy Kaufman Plays Carnegie Hall
Like SNL, Fridays featured popular musical guests and, beginning in the second season, celebrity guest hosts (some of which appeared on SNL before and after Fridays aired, such as Andy Kaufman, Billy Crystal, William Shatner, Mark Hamill, and George Carlin).
In 1981, Kaufman made three appearances on Fridays, a variety show on ABC that was similar to Saturday Night Live.

Larry David

LarryCazzie David
Formerly a stand-up comedian, David went into television comedy, writing and starring in ABC's Fridays, as well as writing briefly for Saturday Night Live.

Maryedith Burrell

Maryedith Ann Burrell (née Smith, born May 20, 1952) is an American film and television producer, writer, actress, and documentarian best known for starring roles on the television series Fridays, Throb, Ron Howard's Parenthood, and The Jackie Thomas Show as well as recurring roles in the television series Seinfeld and Home Improvement.

Brandis Kemp

Brandis Kemp (born February 1, 1951) is an American actress who is best known for her appearances in Fridays and AfterMASH from the years 1980 to 1985.

Michael Richards

KramerCosmo KramerLaugh Factory incident
For some time, a home video release of Fridays was considered out of the question, as cast member Michael Richards was said to have signed a deal stating that no episode would be released on any home video format.
He went on to become a series regular on ABC's Fridays.

Mark Blankfield

Mark Blankfield (born May 8, 1950) is an American comedic actor from Pasadena, Texas, who is perhaps best known as a regular cast member of the television variety series Fridays.

Bryan Gordon

After college, Gordon moved to New York City and started his career as a comedy writer on the ABC late night variety show Fridays in the early 1980s.

Jean Doumanian

John DoumanianSweetland Films
When Saturday Night Lives sixth season was met with negative reviews and low ratings over the new cast, new writers, and new showrunner Jean Doumanian, critics who once panned Fridays praised it, citing the show as being sharper, edgier and funnier than Saturday Night Live at the time.
With its team of all-new writers and cast members, the show was plagued with problems from the start of the season and deemed a commercial disappointment, and suffered from competition with ABC's new weekend show, Fridays, and budget cuts.

Larry Charles

Charles performed stand-up comedy during the 1970s until he was hired to write for the short-lived sketch comedy show Fridays, where he worked with Larry David.

Elaine Pope

She began her career writing TV specials for Lily Tomlin, including the 1981 TV special Lily: Sold Out, as well as the ABC-TV live sketch-comedy show Fridays (a rival of Saturday Night Live) and the HBO series Not Necessarily the News.

Bruce Mahler

In 1980, he appeared on Fridays, an early 1980s sketch show on ABC modeled after NBC's Saturday Night Live, where most of Mahler's appearances showcased his musical talent and radio DJ-style voice, most notably in the recurring sketches "The Latin DJ" and the one-off sketches "K.P.L.O" (about Palestine Liberation Organization terrorists hosting a radio show in their bunker) and "A Classical Get-Down" (about a classical pianist who hosts his radio show like a Top 40 station).

Father Guido Sarducci

Guido Sarducci
Some examples of this include: a Bing Crosby-Bob Hope buddy comedy parody about the United States' dealings with El Salvador ("Road to El Salvador"); a Close Encounters of the Third Kind parody about refugees from an impoverished Central American country mistaking a Playboy magazine location scout and an American military invasion for extraterrestrials coming to save them ("Close Encounters of the Third World"); a Marx Brothers parody of Iran's revolution ("A Night in Tehran"); Palestinian radio DJs (played by Bruce Mahler and episode guest star George Carlin) broadcasting a morning show from a P.L.O. bunker ("K.P.L.O"); a live-action Robert Altman Popeye movie parody with Popeye (Mark Blankfield) and a band of first-wave hippies fighting back against a fascist regime led by Bluto ("Popeye's Got a Brand New Bag"); the US Founding Fathers worrying that the Second Amendment ("The Right to Bear Arms") will be abused in the future while ignoring suggestions for amendments granting equal rights to women and African-Americans; a variety show run by the Moral Majority ("The Moral Majority Comedy Hour"); a parody of Altered States where Ronald Reagan (John Roarke) uses sensory deprivation and psychedelic mushrooms to find a way to bring America back to its glory days, but ends up transforming himself into Richard Nixon ("Altered Statesman"); a spaghetti western centered on the creationism vs. evolution argument featuring Don Novello as Father Guido Sarducci ("A Fist Full of Darwin"), and, in what's considered the show's magnum opus, a 17-minute parody of The Rocky Horror Picture Show with Ronald Reagan (John Roarke) as Tim Curry's Dr. Frank N. Furter creating the perfect Republican, who turns out to be a militant black man who leads Reagan's followers in a revolution(S2E12).
During the 1980s and 1990s Sarducci appeared on other television shows, including Fridays, Late Night with David Letterman, The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, Married... with Children, Unhappily Ever After, Blossom, It's Garry Shandling's Show, the Tales of the City miniseries, and Square Pegs.

Jack Burns

Veteran comedian Jack Burns served as show announcer and made on-screen appearances on the show.
In the early 1980s, Burns became a writer, announcer and sometimes-performer on the ABC sketch comedy series Fridays.

Kevin Kelton

He segued to sketch comedy, joining the writing staff of the ABC late-night sketch show Fridays!.

Brooke Shields

[Brooke] ShieldsBrookeBrooke Shields '87
She was also the youngest person to host ABC's Fridays, a Saturday Night Live-like sketch comedy show, in 1981.

Franke and the Knockouts

Franke & The KnockoutsFrankie and the Knockouts
The group toured and appeared on shows such as Fridays and American Bandstand.


The WipeoutersSpud and Pud Devo
Devo made two appearances on the TV show Fridays in 1980, as well as on Don Kirshner's Rock Concert, American Bandstand, and other shows.

Kiss (band)

KissKiss Kruise Kiss
One was a performance on the ABC late-night variety program Fridays, while the second was a lip-synced performance that was broadcast via satellite during Italy's Sanremo Music Festival.