Frikadeller are flat, pan-fried meatballs of minced meat, often likened to the Danish version of meatballs.wikipedia
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Frikadeller are flat, pan-fried meatballs of minced meat, often likened to the Danish version of meatballs.
Danish meatballs are known as frikadeller and are typically fried. They are usually made out of ground pork, veal, onions, eggs, salt, and pepper; these are formed into balls and flattened somewhat, so they are pan ready. However, the Danish cuisine also includes other versions, such as "Boller i Karry" (meatballs in curry sauce, typically served with rice), and the smaller meatballs used in soup with "Melboller" (Danish dumplings).

Danish cuisine

DanishDenmarkMeal structure in Danish cuisine
The origin of the dish is unknown but frikadeller are most often associated with Danish cuisine specifically or Scandinavian cuisine in general.
Ground meats (pork, veal or beef) became widespread during the industrial revolution and traditional dishes that are still popular includes frikadeller (meat balls), karbonader (breaded pork patties) and medisterpølse (fried sausage).


perkedel kentangBegedilbergedel
Frikadeller are also known in Indonesian cuisine through Dutch cuisine (of the frikadel, which is historically similar to the frikadaller) influence and called perkedel, however the main ingredient is not meat, but mashed potato, sometimes slightly mixed with ground meat or corned beef.
Perkedel is believed to be derived from Dutch frikadeller, which is actually a Danish meatball or minced meat dish.


smørrebrød'' shop
Frikadeller are also eaten on rugbrød with red cabbage or pickle slices as a traditional Danish smørrebrød
One or several warm dishes are often served with the meats on special occasions, for example: breaded plaice filet, fried medister sausage, frikadeller with pickled red cabbage, or mørbradbøf (pork tenderloin with sauteed onions or a creamy mushroom sauce).

Sri Lankan cuisine

Sri LankaSri Lankancuisine
They are mostly found in lamprais.
A Dutch Burgher-influenced dish, lamprais is rice boiled in stock accompanied by frikkadels (frikadeller meatballs), a mixed meat curry, blachan, aubergine curry, and seeni sambol.


Danish🇩🇰Constituent country
Frikadeller are flat, pan-fried meatballs of minced meat, often likened to the Danish version of meatballs.
Hot meals traditionally consist of ground meats, such as frikadeller (meat balls of veal and pork) and hakkebøf (minced beef patties), or of more substantial meat and fish dishes such as flæskesteg (roast pork with crackling) and kogt torsk (poached cod) with mustard sauce and trimmings.

Hamburg steak

hamburger steakhamburger pattyhamburger
Hamburg steak


Frikandel, a Dutch minced-meat hot dog
In many other countries, including South Africa, Denmark and Germany, frikadel or Frikadelle (not to be confused with frikandel) is the local name of minced-meat meatballs or patties like those used in hamburgers.

Croatian cuisine

Polpete, faširanci – Frikadeller


A similar snack was also popular in Hamburg by the name "Rundstück warm" ("bread roll warm") in 1869 or earlier, and supposedly eaten by many emigrants on their way to America, but may have contained roasted beefsteak rather than Frikadeller.

List of meatball dishes

Frikadeller – flat, pan-fried meatballs of minced meat, often likened to the Danish version of meatballs. The origin of the dish is unknown but the dish is most often associated with Danish cuisine specifically, or Scandinavian cuisine in general.

History of the hamburger

Nowadays, in the city of Hamburg as well as in parts of northern Germany, this type dish is called Frikadelle, Frikandelle, or Bulette, which is similar to the meatball.

Culture of Denmark

The meal usually begins with seafood such as marinated herring, smoked eel, crab, or breaded plaice filets with remoulade and moves on with slices of roast pork or beef, frikadeller (meatballs), hams and liver pâté.

Danish Americans

DanishDanish-AmericanDanish American
Popular Danish cuisine includes kringle (almond paste pastry), Wienerbrød and fastelavnsboller or Danish pastry (what Americans call breakfast "Danish"), æbleskiver (puffed pan cakes), frikadeller (Danish veal and pork meatballs), flæskesteg (pork roast), and risengrød (rice pudding).

National dish

national foodnational dishesfoods
🇩🇰 Denmark: Stegt Flæsk (fried pork and potato-based dish; official), Bøfsandwich, Frikadeller and Smørrebrød (unofficial)


fish cakeeomukfish cakes
In Denmark, fiskefrikadeller (fishcakes) are slightly elongated, pan-fried patties much like regular frikadeller.


Crushed kavring, called strøkavring, is used, amongst other things, for making kjøttkaker and in the traditional dessert tilslørte bondepiker.

Bavarian cuisine

BavariaBavarianBavarian fare

Regional variations of barbecue

braairegional variationsbraaid
Germans grill over charcoal or, increasingly, gas, and grilled meats include variations of the Bratwurst such as Thuringian sausage for example, as well as steaks (especially marinated pork steaks from the shoulder), Frikadellen (minced meat dumplings), Rostbrätel and poultry.

Malaysian cuisine

Begedil - spherical fritters made from mashed potato and occasionally ground meat. It is called perkedel in Indonesia.


It consists of two special curries (a three meat curry - beef, pork and lamb - and ash plantain with aubergine), seeni sambal, belacan, frikadeller meatballs and rice boiled in stock, all of which is wrapped in banana leaves and baked in an oven.

Lithuanian cuisine

LithuanianLithuaniaLithuanian Cook
Kotletai or Frikadėlės - soft minced meat and/or onion patties, often served with potatoes, sliced cucumber, dill pickle and/or grated beats and a sauce.