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Arethusa Venture Centre, with figure-head, Lower Upnor.
Frindsbury Church from Church Green, showing behind the chalk cliffs formed by quarrying. In the far distance is Chatham, showing how closely the Medway Towns are interlinked.
The Older London Stone standing in front of the fence of the Arethusa Venture Centre.
Here we see how Strood the marshy place, relates to Frindsbury. The station, canal basin and all the wharves downstream of the Watermill were in Frindsbury. The steep slopes are caused by the chalk pits. Note also the undrained land between the railway, and Frindsbury Hill, and the lack of houses.
A Thames Barge sails past the depot: Upnor Castle (left), 'B' Magazine (centre), No. 5 Shell Store (right).
View of the south end of the barn
RE assault boat training at Upper Upnor
Frindsbury Church stood on a hill overlooking the Medway. The hill has been extensively quarried leaving the distinctive cliffs. To the left of the church is Church Green. Directly in front of it is Strood Pier and the entrance to the Strood basin. To the right is the Frindsbury Peninsula, and the Phoenix Wharf and Lower Curel's Yard.
Former 'B' Magazine (1857) undergoing refurbishment.
Former Dry Guncotton Store (right, 1895)
Left to right: former No 3 Shell Store (1883), Mine Testing Room (1905) and Wet Guncotton Store (1895)
Left to right: Main entrance, former Filled Mine Store (1904), former Filled Shell Store (1904)

They are in the parish of Frindsbury Extra on the western bank of the River Medway.

- Upnor

On 30 September 1894, the Local Government Board confirmed an order of Kent County Council, and Frindsbury civil parish was divided into Frindsbury Intra, and Frindsbury Extra.

- Frindsbury Extra

Within the civil parish of Frindsbury Extra are the villages of Frindsbury, Wainscott, and Upnor.

- Frindsbury

Upnor on the Medway

- Frindsbury Extra

Like other parts of Frindsbury, chalk has been extracted, high quality moulding sand has been taken from a pit near the Church, and William Burgess Little built 25 five barges at his yard between 1843 and 1871.

- Upnor
Arethusa Venture Centre, with figure-head, Lower Upnor.

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Unitary authority district and conurbation in Kent, South East England.

Unitary authority district and conurbation in Kent, South East England.

Dutch Attack on the Medway, June 1667 by Pieter Cornelisz van Soest, painted c. 1667. The captured ship is right of centre
The Chatham Naval Memorial commemorates the 18,500 officers, ranks and ratings of the Royal Navy who were lost or buried at sea in the two World Wars. It stands on the Great Lines between Chatham and Gillingham.
Chatham High Street, December 2007
Chatham Bus Interchange Station, October 2011
The Quays, Chatham Dockside, December 2009
A view of the Medway Gate development, June 2009.
A view of former The Black Lion Leisure Centre (Now Medway Park), April 2009.
The A2 crossing the Medway at Rochester on the site of the Roman crossings, the medieval crossing was to the south
Junction Two of the M2 is on the A228, just before the Medway motorway bridge. Alongside is High Speed 1. Both are seen climbing up the Nashenden Valley, towards Bluebell Hill.

Many other towns and villages such as Frindsbury and Brompton lie within the conurbation.

Frindsbury Extra including Upnor borders Strood.