Gasparo Berti

Gasparo Berti's experiment in atmospheric pressure

Italian mathematician, astronomer and physicist.

- Gasparo Berti

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Scientific instrument that is used to measure air pressure in a certain environment.

Goethe's device
Schematic drawing of a simple mercury barometer with vertical mercury column and reservoir at base
Fortin barometer
Reservoir of a Fortin barometer
Sympiesometer inscribed at bottom Improved sympiesometer and at top A R Easton, 53 Marischal Street, Aberdeen. Owned by descendants of the Aberdeen shipbuilding Hall family.
Aneroid barometer
The Galaxy Nexus has a built-in barometer
Timex Expedition WS4 in Barometric chart mode with weather forecast function
Digital graphing barometer.
Analogue recording barograph using five stacked aneroid barometer cells.
A digital barometer with altimeter setting (for correction) displayed
Table of Pneumaticks, 1728 Cyclopaedia

Although Evangelista Torricelli is universally credited with inventing the barometer in 1643, historical documentation also suggests Gasparo Berti, an Italian mathematician and astronomer, unintentionally built a water barometer sometime between 1640 and 1643.

Benedetto Castelli

Italian mathematician.

Risposta alle opposizioni

He recommended Gasparo Berti for a chair of mathematics at Sapienza.

1643 in science

The year 1643 in science and technology involved some significant events.

Chronology of the universe as deduced by the prevailing Big Bang theory, a result from science and obtained knowledge

Gasparo Berti, Italian mathematician, astronomer and physicist (born c. 1600)

John Greaves

English mathematician, astronomer and antiquarian.

John Greaves in 1650
William Laud, patron of Merton College
The Obelisk of Domitian, now restored in the Piazza Navona
The Great Pyramid of Khufu, surveyed by Greaves in around 1639
The front quadrangle of Merton College
Bust of Edward Pococke in Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford

A brief return to England was followed by a second European journey; in 1636 he sailed via Livorno (Leghorn) to Rome, dining with Ent on 5 October at the English College, Rome; he also met William Harvey, who was entertained at the college on the 12th, Gasparo Berti, Lucas Holstenius and Athanasius Kircher.


Italian male given name, the literal translation of the English name Casper and Jasper (French Gaspard, Scandinavian Kasper and Jesper).

Arāmāyā in Syriac Esṭrangelā script

Gasparo Berti


Both an Italian surname and a given name.

Berthold, Duke of Bavaria

Gasparo Berti (c. 1600–1643), Italian physicist and astronomer

Bert Bolle Barometer

Large water barometer.

The 18th-century country house ‘Rustenhoven’ at Maartensdijk, formerly the Barometer Museum, about 1995
The water barometer in the central hall of ‘Rustenhoven’ at Maartensdijk, formerly the Barometer Museum, 1995
Entrance of the former Barometer Tower in the Denmark Visitor Centre, Western Australia, 2007
The Bert Bolle Barometer in the former Barometer Tower of the Denmark Visitor Centre, 2007

He decided to design and make a water barometer, paying homage to the 17th-century scientists, such as Evangelista Torricelli and Gasparo Berti, who produced some of the first and most crucial vacuum experiments, and created the first water barometers alongside their houses between 1640 and 1660.

Michelangelo Ricci

Italian mathematician and a Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church.

Michelangelo Ricci
Geometrica exercitatio, 1666

In particular he followed the experiments in this field by Gasparo Berti, in Rome.

Vacuum pump

Device that draws gas molecules from a sealed volume in order to leave behind a partial vacuum.

The Roots blower is one example of a vacuum pump
Student of Smolny Institute Catherine Molchanova with vacuum pump, by Dmitry Levitzky, 1776
Tesla's vacuum apparatus, published in 1892
The manual water pump draws water up from a well by creating a vacuum that water rushes in to fill. In a sense, it acts to evacuate the well, although the high leakage rate of dirt prevents a high quality vacuum from being maintained for any length of time.
Mechanism of a scroll pump
A cutaway view of a turbomolecular high vacuum pump

Other scientists took up the challenge, including Gasparo Berti, who replicated it by building the first water barometer in Rome in 1639.

Raffaello Magiotti

Italian astronomer, mathematician and physicist.

Water's Resistance to Compression

He assisted - giving full descriptions in various letters - in the syphon experiments performed by Gasparo Berti around 1640.