Official portrait, 1946
Portrait by Henry Inman, 1832
1900 VMI Keydets football team. Marshall circled
Marshall's birthplace monument in Germantown, Virginia
Colonel Marshall in France in 1919
Coat of arms of Marshall
Brigadier General Marshall in 1938
The Hollow House
Cover to the book Infantry in Battle, the World War II officer's guide to infantry combat operations. Marshall directed production of the book, which is still used as a reference today.
John Marshall's House in Richmond, Virginia
Army Chief of Staff Marshall with Secretary of War Henry Stimson
Marshall's Chief Justice nomination
Army Chief of Staff George C. Marshall with Chief of the Army Air Force General Henry "Hap" Arnold in England on July 23, 1945.
Steel engraving of John Marshall by Alonzo Chappel
President Truman, Marshall, Secretary of State James F. Byrnes, and General Arnold at the White House, August 1945
The text of the McCulloch v. Maryland decision, handed down March 6, 1819, as recorded in the minutes of the US Supreme Court
General Marshall with Chiang Kai-shek and Zhou Enlai in China, 1946.
Marshall's grave
General Marshall being sworn in as Secretary of State by Chief Justice Fred Vinson in the Oval Office on January 21, 1947.
John Marshall and George Wythe
Secretary of State Marshall speaks to The House Appropriations Committee. January 15, 1948.
Secretary of Defense George C. Marshall in his office at The Pentagon.
Oak Hill
Secretary of Defense George C. Marshall discussing the Korean War with President Truman and Special Assistant to the President Averell Harriman in the Oval Office.
Chief Justice John Marshall by William Wetmore Story, at John Marshall Park in Washington, D.C.
Dodona Manor, the 19th century home and gardens of George Marshall and his wife Katherine
Marshall was the subject of a 2005 commemorative silver dollar.
Cover of Together: Annals of an Army Wife, by Katherine Tupper Marshall. Published 1946.
Marshall on the 1890 $20 Treasury Note, one of 53 people depicted on United States banknotes
Grave site of George Marshall at Arlington National Cemetery
John Marshall on a Postal Issue of 1894
George Marshall portrait by Thomas E. Stephens (c. 1949)
A statue of General Marshall is unveiled at the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies on April 30, 1998.
President Roosevelt's nomination of General Marshall to be Major General. June 30, 1939.
President Harry S. Truman awarding General Marshall an Oak Leaf Cluster to his Distinguished Service Medal on November 26, 1945.
General Marshall's Grand Cross of the Legion of Honour (France)
General Marshall's Congressional Gold Medal. Designed by Anthony de Francisci in 1946.
General John Pershing rides under Arc de Triomphe in parade with aide-de-camp George C. Marshall. 1919.
General John Pershing (left) with Colonel Marshall in France, 1919.
Left to right: Brig. Gen. Frank Parker, Col. James A. Drain, and Lt. Col. George C. Marshall at the White House in Washington, D.C., on October 4, 1924.
Marshall as Army Chief of Staff, 1940.
Army Chief of Staff George Marshall with Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. "Hap" Arnold accompanying Brig. Gen. James H. Doolittle while being presented the Medal of Honor from President Franklin Roosevelt for his achievement on leading the Doolittle Raid. April 18, 1942.
Oveta Culp Hobby being sworn in as the first WAAC by Major General Myron C. Cramer. General George C. Marshall, second from left, and Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson witness the ceremony. May 16, 1942.
Army Chief of Staff George Marshall, 1944
Generals George C. Marshall and Henry "Hap" Arnold in 1944.
General Marshall greets Major General John R. Deane and Brigadier General Stuart Cutler while arriving at Potsdam, Germany on July 15, 1945.
General Marshall with General of The Air Force Henry H. Arnold and Air Force Major General Lauris Norstad at The Potsdam Conference in Germany, July 21, 1945.
Recently sworn in George C. Marshall as the new United States Secretary of State shaking hands with his predecessor James F. Byrnes, as President Truman looks on, at the White House, January 21, 1947.
Secretary of State George Marshall greeted by President Harry S. Truman at Washington National Airport. August 13, 1947.
Secretary of State Marshall pointing out landmarks at Mount Vernon to Mexican President Miguel Aleman. April 1947.
Award of honorary degrees at Harvard to J Robert Oppenheimer (left), George C. Marshall (third from left), Omar N. Bradley (fifth from left), and T. S. Eliot (second from right). The President of Harvard University, James B. Conant, sits between Marshall and Bradley. June 5, 1947.
Secretary of Defense Marshall with President Truman and Princeton University President Harold W. Dodds at the Library of Congress. May 17, 1950.
Anna M. Rosenberg being sworn in as Assistant Secretary of Defense by Felix Larkin (left), General Counsel of the Department of Defense. General George Marshall (second from right) and Robert A. Lovett (right), Deputy Secretary of Defense, witness. November 15, 1950.
Secretary of Defense George C. Marshall with President Truman, Secretary of State Dean Acheson, and Prime Minister of France Rene Pleven during Pleven visit to Washington D.C., at the White House on January 29, 1951.
Secretary of Defense George C. Marshall greeting President Truman following Truman's return from the Wake Island Conference at Washington National Airport, October 18, 1950.

Marshall was also a first cousin of U.S. Senator (Ky) Humphrey Marshall and first cousin, three times removed, of General of the Army George C. Marshall.

- John Marshall

He was also a first cousin, three times removed, of former Chief Justice John Marshall.

- George C. Marshall
Official portrait, 1946

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