George Walsh

George Walsh (March 16, 1889 – June 13, 1981) was an American personality in the early decades of the 20th Century.wikipedia
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Raoul Walsh

(His older brother was the prolific film director, Raoul Walsh.) At age 16, he was already accomplished at a variety of sports.
Raoul A. Walsh (March 11, 1887 – December 31, 1980) was an American film director, actor, founding member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) and the brother of the silent screen actor George Walsh.

Seena Owen

While a cast member he met his first wife, the beautiful actress Seena Owen.
The same year she married George Walsh whom she had met on the set of Intolerance.

Intolerance (film)

IntoleranceIntolerance: Love's Struggle Through the AgesIntolerance'' (film)
Griffith’s confidence in him was such that he included George in an important scene in his masterpiece, Intolerance (1916).
George Walsh as The Bridegroom

Rosita (film)

RositaRosita'' (film)
He cemented his return to the big time with the role of Don Diego, opposite Mary Pickford, in Rosita (1923).
While being taken to prison, Don Diego (George Walsh) tries to defend her.

With Stanley in Africa

Two years of ups and downs followed which included Serenade (1921), alongside his sister-in-law, Miriam Cooper; varied personal appearances; vaudeville; an unpleasant divorce trial; and an 18-episode historical serial, entitled With Stanley in Africa (1922).
George Walsh as Henry Morton Stanley

Vanity Fair (1923 film)

Vanity Fairanother silent productionVanity Fair'' (1923 film)
A single-picture deal Vanity Fair (1923), at Goldwyn Pictures Corporation, led to a long contract and a quick shift from supporting characters to leads.
George Walsh – Rawdon Crawley

June Mathis

June Mathis Balboni
(Global audiences saw "America’s Sweetheart" get her first grown-up kiss from Walsh in the Ernst Lubitsch-directed vehicle.) More spectacular still was the announcement that June Mathis had selected him to portray Judah Ben-Hur, in the planned picturization of the classic story of Ben-Hur, by Lew Wallace.
Before they had even returned from Italy, MGM would fire Mathis, Brabin, and stars George Walsh and Gertrude Olmstead; MGM replaced them with director Fred Niblo, screenwriters Bess Meredyth and Carey Wilson, and stars Ramon Novarro and May McAvoy.

Me and My Gal

Pier 13
It was not until 1932 that George Walsh appeared in a talkie, when his brother revived his career by casting him as a criminal in Me and My Gal (1932), with Spencer Tracy and Joan Bennett.
Me and My Gal was directed by Raoul Walsh, one of the great craftsmen of the studio system—and also the brother of George Walsh, who plays the villain.

The Pride of New York

The Pride of New York (1917)
The Pride of New York is a lost 1917 American silent war drama film directed by Raoul Walsh and starring his brother George Walsh.

Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ (1925 film)

Ben-HurBen-Hur: A Tale of the ChristBen Hur
The word "fiasco" has been attached to Ben-Hur (1925).
Rudolph Valentino and dancer Paul Swan were considered until George Walsh was chosen.

The Island of Desire

The Island of Desire (1917)
The Island of Desire is a lost 1917 silent film adventure directed by Otis Turner, produced and distributed by Fox Film Corporation and starring George Walsh.

Help! Help! Police!

Help! Help! Police! (1919)
George Walsh as George Welston

A Manhattan Knight

A Manhattan Knight (1920)
A Manhattan Knight is a 1920 American silent mystery film directed by George Beranger and starring George Walsh, Virginia Hammond, William H. Budd, Warren Cook, Jack Hopkins, and William T. Hayes.

Never Say Quit

Never Say Quit (1919)
George Walsh as Reginald Jones

Slave of Desire

Slave of Desire (1923)
The picture stars George Walsh and Bessie Love.

American Pluck

American Pluck (1925)
George Walsh - Blaze Derringer

The Shark (1920 film)

The SharkThe Shark'' (1920 film)
The Shark (1920)
It was directed by Dell Henderson and starred George Walsh.

The Honor System (film)

The Honor System
The Honor System (1917)
George Walsh - Jack Taylor

The Winning Stroke

The Winning Stroke (1919)
The Winning Stroke is a lost 1919 silent film college drama directed by Edward Dillon and starring George Walsh, a former Olympic athlete.

Blue Blood (1925 film)

Blue BloodBlue Blood'' (1925 film)
Blue Blood (1925)
Blue Blood is an extant 1925 American silent film produced and distributed by Chadwick Pictures and starring George Walsh.

The Prince of Broadway

The Prince of Broadway (1926)
The Prince of Broadway is a 1926 American silent drama film directed by John Gorman and starring George Walsh, Alyce Mills and Freeman Wood.

The Test of Donald Norton (1926 film)

The Test of Donald Norton
The Test of Donald Norton (1926)
The Test of Donald Norton is a 1926 silent western starring George Walsh and Tyrone Power and directed by B. Reeves Eason.

Dynamite Allen

Dynamite Allen (1921)
It was directed by Dell Henderson and stars athletic George Walsh.

A Man of Quality

A Man of Quality (1926)
A Man of Quality is a 1926 American silent crime film directed by Wesley Ruggles and starring George Walsh, Ruth Dwyer and Brian Donlevy.

Reno (1923 film)

RenoReno'' (1923 film)
Reno (1923)
George Walsh as Walter Heath