Gizmo5 (formerly known as Gizmo Project and SIPphone) was a Voice over IP communications network and a proprietary freeware soft phone for that network.wikipedia
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Michael Robertson (businessman)

Gizmo Project was founded by Michael Robertson and his company SIPphone.
In the years following his departure from Robertson has launched several companies, including Linspire, SIPphone, MP3tunes, and Ajax13.

Google Talk

Google ChatGTalkchat
On April 3, 2011 Google shut down Gizmo5 and recommended users to use Google Talk instead.
This included EarthLink, Gizmo5, Tiscali, NetEase, Chikka, MediaRing, and, according to Google, "thousands of other ISPs, universities, corporations and individual users."

Google Voice

Grand Central
Prior to this acquisition, Gizmo5 had a working relationship with GrandCentral (now Google Voice) for years.
Previously, customers of Gizmo5, a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) service vendor acquired by Google, were allowed to forward calls to their Gizmo service which may be answered using a free computer application, or a web application, or SIP-based telephone hardware.

Internet Speech Audio Codec

However, the Gizmo5 client application was proprietary software and used several proprietary codecs, including GIPS and Internet Speech Audio Codec (iSAC).
It is one of the codecs used by AIM Triton, the Gizmo5, QQ, and Google Talk.


Internet Tablet OS 2008Maemo 5Diablo release
Bundled applications include the Mozilla-based MicroB browser, Macromedia Flash player, Gizmo5, and Skype.

Pidgin (software)

An earlier incarnation of the service was, a free software VoIP system based on the Pidgin instant messaging software and the SIP protocol handling of the Linphone VoIP software, but restricted to using (only) the SIPphone service.
XMPP/Jingle (Google Talk, LJ Talk, Gizmo5, ...)


It is possible to start a conversation with other users of the same software or any other software that is SIP-compliant such as Gizmo.


Gizmo5 also used encryption (Secure Real-time Transport Protocol) for network calls and worked well with Phil Zimmermann's Zfone security features.
VoIP Clients - Zfone has been tested with the following VoIP clients: X-Lite, Gizmo5, XMeeting, Google Talk VoIP client, and SJphone.

OpenSky service

OpenSky was a service provided by Gizmo5, which is now out of business, to enable communication between users of SIP (Internet standard RFC 3261 ) and users of Skype (which uses a proprietary protocol).

Empathy (software)

EmpathyEmpathy Instant Messenger
Empathy natively supports protocols, implemented in telepathy framework: XMPP (including configuration for Facebook IM, Google Talk, though Gizmo5, LiveJournal Talk, Nokia Ovi and other Jabber servers also supported), salut link-local XMPP for local network peer discovery, MSNP (to Microsoft Messenger service as used by MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger), IRC and SIP.

List of mergers and acquisitions by Alphabet

Acquiredacquired by Alphabet/Google on May 4, 2015.acquired by Google

Secure telephone

secure phonesecure telephony
Examples include the Gizmo5 and Twinkle.

Internet Low Bitrate Codec

iLBCGIPS codec
iLBC — variable bit rate, loss tolerant, narrow
It is one of the codecs used by Gizmo5, WebRTC, Ekiga, Google Talk, Maemo Recorder (on the Nokia N800/N810), Polycom IP Phone, Cisco, QuteCom, Tuenti, Yahoo! Messenger, Ooma and many others.

Bonjour (software)

BonjourApple BonjourRendezvous
Gizmo5 to find other users on the local network

Opportunistic encryption

auto-detectionopportunistically sign
Skype and Amicima use only secure connections and Gizmo5 attempts a secure connection between its clients.

Nokia 770 Internet Tablet

770Nokia 770
The 770 is bundled with applications including the Opera web browser, Macromedia Flash and Gizmo.

List of Internet entrepreneurs

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List of SIP software

client softwareList of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) software
Gizmo5, formerly PhoneGaim, discontinued in 2011


Its VoIP announcement included mention of a collaboration with Gizmo5, which was formally unveiled in March 2009.

Wesley Chan

The acquisition of GrandCentral Communications, and Gizmo5, two web telephony service that became Google Voice and Google Hangouts.

Nokia N810

N810 Nokia N810WiMAX EditionNokia N810 Internet Tablet
The N810 was bundled with several applications including the Mozilla-based MicroB browser, Adobe Flash, Gizmo, and Skype.

Jeff Bonforte

Prior to working for Yahoo he was the President of Gizmo5, which was sold to Google in November 2010.