Aerial view of NAS Moffett Field and NASA Ames Research Center
Aerial view of Moffett Field from the east, with under-construction (in 2019) Google buildings visible on both sides of Stevens Creek beyond the field
The south side of the Googleplex circa 2006 (this view was blocked a year later by a new line of shade trees)
View of Hangar One, the huge dirigible hangar, with doors open at both ends
Former entrance to the lobby of Building 40
View of the hangar's skeleton in September 2012
A Google campus area down Charleston Road from the Googleplex
Google buildings near Shoreline Park
A Google shuttle bus at the Sunnyvale campus.
Googleplex courtyard
A restaurant at Googleplex
Bicycle used by employees on Googleplex

In 2013 construction began on a new 1.1 e6sqft campus dubbed "Bay View", adjoining the original campus on 42 acre leased from the NASA Ames Research Center and overlooking San Francisco Bay at Moffett Federal Airfield.

- Googleplex

The buildings are to be the new headquarters for Google and will be part of the nearby Googleplex.

- Moffett Federal Airfield

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Mountain View, California

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City in Santa Clara County, California, United States.

City in Santa Clara County, California, United States.

Lupe Yñigo was granted Rancho Posolmi in 1844, covering the northern part of Sunnyvale and Mountain View.
The Historic Adobe Building was constructed as a Works Progress Administration project in 1934.
Google, whose headquarters are located in Mountain View, is also the largest employer of the city's residents.
RV campers being used as residences on a city street in Mountain View
Mountain View City Hall
Mountain View Fire Station Number 1
Mountain View High School
Library exterior and sign
Caltrain commuter rail at the Downtown Mountain View Station
Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) light rail
Sidewalk along Castro Street in downtown Mountain View
The Mountain View Farmers' Market is held every Sunday in the Downtown Mountain View Station parking lot.
The Charleston Park
The Computer History Museum
Shoreline Amphitheatre

Between 1929 and 1994, Moffett Field Naval Air Station operated in Mountain View.

Charleston Park, a five-acre park located near the Googleplex. The park was designed by SWA Group who received an ASLA Centennial Medallion in 1999 for their work.

Ames Research Center

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Hangar One, originally a US Navy airship hangar, in Mountain View, California
IBM 7090 mainframe computer at Ames in 1961. Smith DeFrance, Ames' founding director, is second from the left.
One of the air intakes of the 80 by 120 foot wind tunnel (world's largest), located at NASA Ames Research Center.
Inside 80 by 120-foot wind tunnel facing towards the intake. Aircraft or scaled models of them can be mounted on the three struts in the foreground which in this picture hold individual airplane wing portions.
The Mars Science Laboratory landing parachute under test in the 80 by 120-foot wind tunnel. Note the people in the lower-right corner of the image.
NASA Ames Exploration Center

The Ames Research Center (ARC), also known as NASA Ames, is a major NASA research center at Moffett Federal Airfield in California's Silicon Valley.

Construction of the new Google project which is near Google's Googleplex headquarters began in 2013 and has a target opening date in 2015.