A report on NBBJ and Googleplex

Amazon Spheres, Seattle, Washington
The Sail @ Marina Bay, Singapore, in 2011
The south side of the Googleplex circa 2006 (this view was blocked a year later by a new line of shade trees)
Doppler, Seattle, Washington
Former entrance to the lobby of Building 40
A Google campus area down Charleston Road from the Googleplex
Google buildings near Shoreline Park
A Google shuttle bus at the Sunnyvale campus.
Googleplex courtyard
A restaurant at Googleplex
Bicycle used by employees on Googleplex

American global architecture, planning and design firm with offices in Boston, Columbus, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, New York, Portland, Pune, San Francisco, Seattle, Shanghai, and Washington, D.C..


NBBJ was the architect and this was the first time Google has designed its own buildings rather than moving into buildings occupied by previous businesses.

- Googleplex

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