Greensburg Athletic Association

The Greensburg Athletic Association was an early organized football team, based in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, that played in the unofficial Western Pennsylvania Professional Football Circuit from 1890 until 1900.wikipedia
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American football in Western Pennsylvania

Western Pennsylvaniaearliest moments in football history
From 1890 until 1900, nearby Greensburg, Pennsylvania was the home of the Greensburg Athletic Association.

IUP Crimson Hawks football

Indiana (PA)IUPIndiana University of Pennsylvania
While little information is available, the Indiana Normal School played organized football games as early as 1890, when the school tied 6–6 with the Greensburg Athletic Association.

Richard Coulter Jr.

Richard Coulter, Jr.Richard Coulter Jr
From 1894 to 1896, he played organized football with the Greensburg Athletic Association, one of the very first professional teams.

List of multi-sport athletes

multi-sport athleteList of multi-sport athletes - Skyrunningfour-sport athlete

A. S. Valentine

A.S. Valentine
That same year, he scored a touchdown against the Greensburg Athletic Association, during a 10–5 Allegheny win.

1893 Western University of Pennsylvania football team

In a strange twist of events, coach Anson Harrold, Joseph Trees and Ross Fiscus promised to play for the Allegheny Athletic Association on Oct. 21st and were not available for the WUP contest with the Greensburg Athletic Association.

Alfred E. Bull

A. E. BullAlf Bull
The 1898 team started off to a 7–0 record, before losing three games to Pittsburgh Athletic Club, Duquesne Country and Athletic Club and the Greensburg Athletic Association to finish 7–3.