A report on Ogna and Ogna Station

View of the Hå landscape
Sandy beaches at Ogna, in the southern part of the municipality.
Jacob Rasch

Ogna is a village in municipality in Rogaland county, Norway.

- Ogna

Ogna Station (Ogna stasjon) is a railway station located at Ogna in , Norway on the Sørland Line.

- Ogna Station

The village is the site of Ogna Station, a railway station along the Sørlandet Line.

- Ogna

Other villages in Hå include Brusand, Hæen, Nærbø, Obrestad, Ogna, Sirevåg, and Vigrestad.

- Hå

The stations in Hå include Brusand Station, Nærbø Station, Ogna Station, Sirevåg Station, Varhaug Station, and Vigrestad Station.

- Hå

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