Hampden Academy

The original Academy building

Public high school located at 89 Western Avenue in Hampden, Maine, United States.

- Hampden Academy

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Ricky Craven

American stock car racing analyst and former driver.

Craven in 1997
Craven's 1997 race car

Craven graduated from Hampden Academy in Hampden, Maine.

Stephen King

American author of horror, supernatural fiction, suspense, crime, science-fiction, and fantasy novels.

King in 2007
In 1971, King worked as a teacher at Hampden Academy
Stephen King at the Harvard Book Store, June 6, 2005
Stephen King in 2011
King campaigning for Gary Hart for President in 1984
King at the Ramstein Air Base in Germany, 2013
King's home in Bangor
King wearing a Boston Red Sox jersey at a book signing in November 2004

In 1971, King was hired as a teacher at Hampden Academy in Hampden, Maine.

Mike Bordick

American retired professional baseball shortstop.

Bordick in 2011

He attended high school at Hampden Academy in Hampden, Maine along with longtime NASCAR veteran Ricky Craven.

Frederick Low

American politician and diplomat who served as the 9th Governor of California and a member of the United States House of Representatives.

Born in Frankfort (now Winterport, Maine) in 1828, Low attended the Hampden Academy in Hampden, Maine.

Charles Stetson

United States representative from Maine, and the eldest member of a powerful Bangor political family.

A United States Representative from Maine

He subsequently attended Hampden Academy and graduated from Yale College in 1823.

Lewis Mayo (politician)

American politician, attorney, physician, and businessman.

Mayo was born in Hampden, Maine and attended the Hampden Academy.

Jeffrey Hjelm

Former Associate Justice of the Maine Supreme Judicial Court.

Seal of Maine

Hjelm is a graduate of Hampden Academy.

Dillon Bates

American politician, coach, and educator who served as a member of the Maine House of Representatives from 2014 to until his resignation in August 2018.

United Kingdom House of Commons

Bates is a native of Winterport, Maine, and attended Hampden Academy.

Old Hampden Academy Building

Historic school building on United States Route 1A in Hampden, Maine.

Built in 1842-43, it was the home of Hampden Academy, now the town's public high school, for many years.

Tanya Ryno

American film and television producer, director, and writer.

Tanya Ryno

She was raised in Maine, where she attended Hampden Academy.