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Orange Range

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"Hana" is the ninth single by the Japanese band Orange Range.
The band's 9th single, "Hana", went on to become the highest selling single from the band; to date, the single has sold nearly 800,000 copies.

Be with You (2004 film)

Be with YouIma, Ai ni YukimasuBe with You'' (2004 film)
"Hana" was used as the ending theme of the Japanese movie Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu, known in English as Be with You.
Okinawan alternative rock band Orange Range sang the theme song of this movie called Hana.

Kizuna (Orange Range song)

KizunaKizuna" (Orange Range song)
It was used in the drama Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu, in which the band's other single "Hana" was also used in the movie version of it. This single sold 410,924 copies and was the number 12 single of 2005.

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"Hana" (Orange Range song), a song by Orange Range

Romantic Energy

Tonkou - Romantic Energy -
11) "Flower" (Orange Range)