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Toompea Castle in Tallinn. Its Latin name Castrum Danorum might refer to the origin of the names "Tallinn" and "Lindanise", meaning "Danish Town" or "Danish Castle".
The Flag of Denmark (Dannebrog) as falling from the sky during the Battle of Lindanise in 1219. It is now depicted on the coat of arms of both Tallinn and Harju County.
Russian Tsar Peter I started the construction of Kadriorg Palace near Tallinn and named it after his wife Catherine I (Catherinethal).
"Port of Tallinn" by Alexey Bogolyubov in 1853
"Old Fish Market Near Tallinn" by Gregor von Bochmann
Battles for Tallinn in August 1941
Map of Harju County after the separation of Paldiski County in 1783–1796
Map of Tallinn with its two municipalities (Toompea and Lower Town) in 1810
North-Estonian Klint at Pakri Peninsula in Paldiski (24 m)
Põhja-Kõrvemaa Nature Reserve in winter
Viru Bog, Kuusalu Parish, in Lahemaa National Park
Keri island, northernmost point of Harju County, and its lighthouse, was the first lighthouse to be powered by natural gas in the world in 1907.
Jägala Waterfall in winter
Viru Bog, Lahemaa National Park, in winter
E20 near Jägala, Jõelähtme Parish.
Stadler Flirt in Keila station.
Tallinn Passenger Port
Municipalities in Harju County
Tallinn Town Hall Square in winter
Tallinn St. Olaf's Church and Fat Margaret tower
Walltowers of Tallinn
Tallinn modern skyline
Pirita Convent ruins in Tallinn
Tallinn Lasnamäe district
Iru Power Plant
Paldiski railway station
Jõelähtme Church
Kose Church
Vasalemma Manor
Ääsmäe Manor
Tuhala "Witch's Well"
Jägala Waterfall
Laitse manor
Tarvasjõgi river
Kakerdaja bog

Administrative division used by several countries.

- Parish (administrative division)

Harju County is subdivided into 16 municipalities, of which 4 are urban (linnad — cities or towns) and 12 are rural (vallad — parishes).

- Harju County
World administrative levels

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