Harold Goodwin (American actor)

Harold GoodwinHarold Goodwin
Harold Goodwin (December 1, 1902 – July 12, 1987) was an American film actor who performed in over 225 films.wikipedia
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The Cameraman

He followed up with a role in another Keaton film The Cameraman in 1928, opposite Keaton and actress Marceline Day.
The picture stars Keaton, Marceline Day, Harold Goodwin, and others.

College (1927 film)

College1927College'' (1927 film)
He also appeared as Jeff Brown in the 1927 Buster Keaton comedy College.
College is a 1927 comedy-drama silent film directed by James W. Horne and Buster Keaton, and starring Keaton, Anne Cornwall, and Harold Goodwin.

All Quiet on the Western Front (1930 film)

All Quiet on the Western Front19301930 film
He was seen in the role of Detering in the 1930 Lewis Milestone-directed World War I drama All Quiet on the Western Front.
Harold Goodwin as Detering

Oliver Twist, Jr.

Oliver Twist, Jr. (1921) - Oliver Twist Jr.
Oliver Twist, Jr. is a 1921 American silent drama film directed by Millard Webb and starring Harold Goodwin, Lillian Hall, George Nichols, Harold Esboldt, Scott McKee, Clarence Wilson, and G. Raymond Nye.

The Winning Girl

The Winning Girl (1919) - Jack Milligan
Harold Goodwin - Jack Milligan

Heart o' the Hills

Heart o' the Hills (1919) - Young Jason Honeycutt
Jason Honeycutt (Harold Goodwin) is a young boy who lives with his stepfather chief Steve Honeycutt (Sam De Grasse) at the ancestral Honeycutts' home.

Puppy Love (1919 film)

Puppy LovePuppy Love'' (1919 film)
Puppy Love (1919) - James Gordon Oliver
Harold Goodwin - James Gordon Oliver

Hearts of Youth

Hearts of Youth (1921) - Ishmael Worth
The movie stars Harold Goodwin, Colin Kenny, and Iris Ashton, and was released by the Fox Film Corporation

The Sawdust Ring

The Sawdust Ring (1917) - Peter Weldon
Harold Goodwin as Peter Weldon

Secret Orders

Secret Orders (1926) - Eddie Delano
Secret Orders is a lost 1926 American silent drama film directed by Chester Withey and starring Harold Goodwin, Robert Frazer and Evelyn Brent.

Hit and Run (1924 film)

Hit and RunHit and Run'' (1924 film)
Hit and Run (1924) - Tex Adams
Harold Goodwin as Tex Adams

Alice Adams (1923 film)

Alice Adams1923 adaptationAlice Adams'' (1923 film)
Alice Adams (1923) - Walter Adorns
Harold Goodwin - Walter Adorns

Set Free (film)

Set FreeSet Free'' (film)
Set Free (1918) - Ronald Blair
Harold Goodwin as Ronald Blair

Flight (1929 film)

Flight1929Flight'' (1929 film)
Flight (1929) - Steve Roberts
On his first attempt at solo flight, however, Lefty is taunted about the football game by fellow recruit Steve Roberts (Harold Goodwin), and cannot take off, resulting in a crash.

The Better 'Ole (1926 film)

The Better 'Ole1926 Warner Bros. film
The Better 'Ole (1926) - Bert Chester - British Secret Service
At one point during the film, Harold Goodwin's character whispers a word to Sydney Chaplin which is also faintly heard.

Snowbound (1927 film)

SnowboundSnowbound'' (1927 film)
Snowbound (1927) - Joe Baird
It stars Robert Agnew, Betty Blythe and Harold Goodwin.

The Ramblin' Kid

The Ramblin' Kid (1923) - Skinny Rawlins
Harold Goodwin as Skinny Rawlins

Gentle Julia (1923 film)

Gentle Julia1923Gentle Julia'' (1923 film)
Gentle Julia (1923) - Noble Dill
She leaves him, returning to neighbor Noble Dill (Harold Goodwin).

The Arizona Express

Arizona Express (1924) - David Keith
Harold Goodwin as David Keith

You Never Can Tell (1920 film)

You Never Can TellYou Never Can Tell'' (1920 film)
You Never Can Tell (1920) - Jimmy Flannery
Harold Goodwin - Jimmy Flannery

Riders of the Purple Sage (1925 film)

Riders of the Purple SageRiders of the Purple Sage'' (1925 film)
Riders of the Purple Sage (1925) - Bern Venters
Harold Goodwin as Bern Venters

Suds (film)

SudsSuds'' (film)
Suds (1920) - Benjamin Pillsbury Jones
Meanwhile, co-worker Benjamin Jones (Harold Goodwin) has the job of collecting laundry with his cart.

The Silent Man (film)

The Silent Man
The Silent Man (1917) - David Bryce
Harold Goodwin as David Bryce