Harrell Prairie Botanical Area

Flowering big bluestem, a characteristic tallgrass prairie plant

160 acre tallgrass prairie nature preserve located within Bienville National Forest near Forest, Mississippi.

- Harrell Prairie Botanical Area

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Jackson Prairie

611200 acre temperate grassland ecoregion in Mississippi.

Extent of temperate grasslands, savannas and shrublands

There are a few remaining sections in the Bienville National Forest, including the largest remaining undisturbed portion at the Harrell Prairie Botanical Area.

Eastern savannas of the United States

The eastern savannas of the United States covered large portions of the southeast side of the continent until the early 20th century.

Maritime slash pine savanna
Hypothesized natural fire regimes of United States plants. Savannas have regimes of a few years: blue, pink, and light green areas.
Prescribed fire in Virginia, 1995. Many eastern ridgetops were burned by American Indians.
Pine savanna (pine land) extended to the Atlantic plain (1779 map).
Wet pine savanna
The range of the American bison included eastern savanna, probably into Florida.

Harrell Prairie Botanical Area, Mississippi