Highland Laddie

Hielan' LaddieThe Highland LaddieDonkey Riding
"Highland Laddie", also known as "Hielan' Laddie", is the name of a Scottish popular folk tune "If Thou'lt Play Me Fair Play", but as with many old melodies various sets of words can be sung to it, of which Robert Burns's poem "Highland Laddie" is probably the best known.wikipedia
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Donkey Riding

"If thou'lt play me fair play" has been reworked several times since Burns set down his words, Donkey Riding being one variant.
The tune and words are an adaptation of "Highland Laddie".

Bill Millin

Piper Bill Millin
Bill Millin – A piper who played the song during the Scottish landing on Sword Beach during WW2
He played "Highland Laddie" "The Road to the Isles" and "All the blue bonnets are over the border" as his comrades fell around him on Sword.

Scottish highland dance

highland dancinghighland danceHighland dancers
Highland Laddie is also the name of a dance in Scottish Highland dancing, of the "national dance" subtype.
At Highland games, the National dances include the Scottish Lilt, the Earl of Erroll, Blue Bonnets, Hielan' Laddie, the Scotch Measure, Flora MacDonald's Fancy, Village Maid and Barracks Johnny, which illustrate the history of dancing and other aspects of Scottish culture and history.

Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers and Greys)Royal Scots Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers and Greys)The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards
The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

Authorized marches of the Canadian Armed Forces

authorized regimental marchauthorized marchCF formations
Authorized marches of the Canadian Forces
42nd Field Artillery Regiment (Lanark and Renfrew Scottish), RCA - for military band, see Artillery marches; else, "Highland Laddie" (1)

Cape Breton Highlanders

The Nova Scotia Highlanders (Cape Breton)
The Cape Breton Highlanders formerly 2nd Battalion, The Nova Scotia Highlanders

The Essex and Kent Scottish

The Essex and Kent Scottish RegimentEssex MilitiaEssex and Kent Scottish Regiment
The Essex and Kent Scottish

The Lake Superior Scottish Regiment

Lake Superior Regiment52nd Battalion, CEF52nd (North Ontario) Battalion Canadian Infantry
The Lake Superior Scottish Regiment

48th Highlanders of Canada

48th HighlandersThe 48th Highlanders of Canada48th Highlanders Museum
48th Highlanders of Canada

Wilt Thou Go to the Barracks, Johnny?

Most national dances are usually danced in an Aboyne dress, but the Highland Laddie is one of two national dances that are typically danced in the standard kilt-based outfit, the other being "Wilt Thou Go to the Barracks, Johnny?".
It is the second dance of the "national dance" subtype to be danced in this particular outfit, the other being "Highland Laddie".

Band of the Scots Guards

Scots Guards bandThe Scots GuardsScots Guards
The Regimental Quick March is Hielan' Laddie.

March (music)

marchmarchesmarching song
Notable examples include Scotland the Brave, Highland Laddie, Bonnie Dundee and Cock of the North.

Live 8 concert, Barrie

Live 8Live 8 concertLive 8 show in Barrie, Ontario
Great Big Sea – "Donkey Riding", "Excursion Around The Bay" (BA 15:22)

Cock o' the North (music)

Cock o' the NorthCock of the NorthAunty Mary
The tune has always been a march used by the Gordon Highlanders, although it did not become the official regimental march until 1933, when it replaced Hielan' Laddie.

My Home (traditional pipe tune)

It is used by military bands as a march past, but a slow march contrasting with quick march pasts such as "Highland Laddie".

Trooping the Colour

Trooping of the Colourcolour troopedtrooping of the colours
Scots Guards: "Hielan' Laddie" (Listen)

Derby Cathedral

DerbyAll Saints Parish Church (now Derby Cathedral)Parish church
Friday — The Highland Laddie