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Theatrical release poster
The Cerne Abbas Giant chalk figure, near the village of Cerne Abbas in Dorset, England, is made by a turf-cut.
Director David Silverman looked at some of the television episodes he had directed for inspiration.
The Uffington White Horse at Uffington, Oxfordshire
The shot of an angry mob coming for Homer features cameos from more than 320 characters.
The 18th-century Westbury White Horse near Westbury, Wiltshire
An apple tree was inserted into the background here, in reference to Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden.
The Long Man of Wilmington seen from a distance
The marquee from the film's premiere, which took place in Springfield, Vermont
The Litlington White Horse in the village of Litlington, East Sussex
U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (right) and U.S. Representative Peter Welch (left) at the premiere
Outline of a naked man cut into the grass on a hillside, the Cerne Abbas Giant near Cerne Abbas
A 7-Eleven store in Seattle transformed into a Kwik-E-Mart
The Cherhill White Horse near Cherhill
The Empire State Building was illuminated yellow to promote the film's home video release.
The Kilburn White Horse near Kilburn, North Yorkshire
Julie Kavner (pictured in 1974) was praised for her emotional performance as Marge and was nominated for an Annie Award for voice acting. To date it is her last performance in a feature film.
Lenham Cross on the North Downs
Figure of a lion cut into the hillside: the Whipsnade Zoo lion near Whipsnade
Outline of a crown cut into the hillside. Wye Crown, at Wye, Kent
An offwhite triangle cut into the hillside. Watlington White Mark
Two military badges and part of a third cut into the hillside. Two of the Fovant badges
A kiwi cut into the hillside. The Bulford Kiwi near Bulford
A white cross cut into the hillside. Whiteleaf Cross
Figure of a prancing white horse cut into the hillside with a rider. Osmington White Horse near Weymouth, Dorset
A stylised figure of a galloping white horse. Folkestone White Horse on Cheriton Hill, Folkestone
Alton Barnes White Horse
The Mormond Hill White Horse, near Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire
The Mormond Hill White Stag, near Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire
The Lamb Down Badge, near Codford, Wiltshire<ref name="hows2">{{cite web|url=http://www.hows.org.uk/personal/hillfigs/lamb/lambdo.htm|title=Lamb Down Military Badge|publisher=hows.org.uk|access-date=2014-09-26}}</ref>
Hackpen White Horse
The Westbury White Horse from Bratton Downs
Pendle Hill marked with the date 1612 on the 400th anniversary of the Witch Trials

As a publicity stunt for the opening of The Simpsons Movie on 16 July 2007, a giant Homer Simpson brandishing a doughnut was outlined in water-based biodegradable paint to the left of the Cerne Abbas Giant.

- Hill figure

In Dorset, England, an image of Homer was painted next to the hill figure, the Cerne Abbas Giant.

- The Simpsons Movie
Theatrical release poster

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Cerne Abbas Giant chalk figure below the rectangular "Trendle" earthworks

Cerne Abbas Giant

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Cerne Abbas Giant chalk figure below the rectangular "Trendle" earthworks
Layout of the giant with the obliterated line (in yellow) reconstructed
Lord Holles, a portrait from the 1640s. Holles, the Cerne Abbas landowner, has been suggested as the person who ordered the giant to be cut in mockery of his political adversary Cromwell.
Hercules holding a club and the Nemean lion-skin fur
Homer Simpson as promotion for The Simpsons Movie
1764, first known drawing from the Gentleman's Magazine with measurements, including the height of {{convert|180|ft}}
1764 sketch, perhaps dated to 1763, sent to the Society of Antiquaries of London<ref>Minute Book of the Society of Antiquaries, November 1763, in Vol. IX, July 1762 – April 1765, pp. 199–200, reproduced in D. Morgan Evans (1998), "Eighteenth-Century Descriptions of the Cerne Abbas Giant", The Antiquaries Journal, 78, pp. 463–71, {{doi|10.1017/S000358150004508X}}, p. 468</ref>
1842 drawing by the antiquary and editor John Sydenham<ref>John Sydenham, Baal Durotrigensis. A dissertation on the antient colossal figure at Cerne, Dorsetshire; and an attempt to illustrate the distinction between the primal Celtæ and the Celto-Belgæ of Britain: with observations on the worship of the serpent and that of the sun, London, W. Pickering, 1842. Opposite title page.</ref>
1892 drawing by the author and antiquarian William Plenderleath<ref>William Plenderleath, The white horses of the west of England, 1892, p. 39</ref>
Aerial view
Aerial view
Bottom-up view
The Giant's phallus
Renovation in 2008

The Cerne Abbas Giant is a hill figure near the village of Cerne Abbas in Dorset, England.

As a publicity stunt for the opening of The Simpsons Movie on 16 July 2007, a figure of Homer Simpson clad in y-front underpants and brandishing a doughnut was outlined in water-based biodegradable paint to the left of the Cerne Abbas Giant.