Koko-en Garden
Tegarayama Central Park
Himeji City Hall
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City located in Hyōgo Prefecture in the Kansai region of Japan.

- Himeji

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Kansai region

The Kansai region (関西地方) or the Kinki region (近畿地方), lies in the southern-central region of Japan's main island Honshū.

Geofeatures map of Kansai
Kansai region, satellite photo
The Akashi Kaikyō Bridge, the longest suspension bridge in the world, with a centre span of 1,991 m
Map of 8th-century Japan
Himeji Castle
World Heritage Sites in Kansai region
Daisen Kofun, the largest burial mound in the world<ref>Consulate-General of Japan in San Francisco {{Webarchive|url=https://web.archive.org/web/20160303213623/http://www.sf.us.emb-japan.go.jp/jp/m08_01_09.htm |date=2016-03-03 }} - "History", retrieved March 15, 2007</ref>
Hōryū-ji Golden Hall, the oldest wooden structure in the world
Daibutsu at Tōdai-ji, the largest bronze statue in the world
Tōdai-ji Main Hall, the largest wooden structure in the world
Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan and one of the oldest lakes in the world
Izumo no Okuni, who founded Kabuki in Kyoto
Kongō Gumi, once the world's oldest continuously operating company, constructed several Japan's cultural assets.
Amanohashidate, one of Three Views of Japan
Sen no Rikyū, a merchant from Sakai, perfected the courtesy of the tea ceremony.
Japan's tallest temple pagoda in Tō-ji, Kyoto
Nintendo became the world's most successful video game company.
Osaka Castle
Kyoto from Kiyomizudera

From there the Kansai area stretches west along the Seto Inland Sea towards Kobe and Himeji, and east encompassing Lake Biwa, Japan's largest freshwater lake.

Kakogawa, Hyōgo

City located in Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan.

Kakogawa City Hall
Kobe Steel Kakogawa Works
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Himeji Castle

Himeji Castle in May 2015 after the five-year renovation of the roof and walls
Front view of the castle complex
A 1761 depiction of the castle complex
The "Three Country Moat" in the centre of the castle complex
A depiction of the intricate castle complex
The family crest of Ikeda Terumasa
Weapon racks inside the keep
Defensive loopholes
Angled chutes or "stone drop windows"
"Diamond Gate", the first of the castle's 21 remaining gates
Okiku's Well
Keshō yagura (Dressing Tower) attributed to Senhime as part of her private chambers
A panoramic view of the castle grounds, with Himeji city in the background
The castle's keeps and city as seen from Engyō-ji
The castle complex as seen from the west
Keeps and bridge as seen from the entrance
A view of Keeps and the lush castle grounds below
Keeps as seen from the grounds below
One of the steep, narrow walkways controlling access to the castle
One of the steep castle walls
Himeji castle as seen from the princess quarters
The keep as seen from within the {{nihongo|inner circle|本丸|honmaru}}
{{nihongo|Curved gables|千鳥破風|chidori hafu}}
Detail of keep
Himeji Castle view from below in May 2017
Castle walls and rooftops
East tower and corridors
The castle rooftops and surrounding city
Part of the intricate castle complex
A mythical tiger-headed fish called shachi (鯱). This motif was used atop the castle towers as a talisman for fire prevention.
A {{nihongo|stone drop window|石落窓|ishi-otoshi-mado}}
A window for an archer or defender using a Matchlock
An interior room with Tatami mats
A hallway
Castle windows
Taken at Three Country Moats
Sakura at Himeji Castle
Taken at Himeji City Zoo
Taken from the south
Temporary cover and gantry
Temporary cover
Different stages of applying plaster to the roof tiles. The plaster protects the roof from water ingress, and stops the tiles being dislodged by typhoon winds.
Roof structure underneath the tiles
View of the keep roof nearing completion, taken from the public view gallery.
A fish.

Himeji Castle (姫路城) is a hilltop Japanese castle complex situated in the city of Himeji which is located in the Hyōgo Prefecture of Japan.

Kasai, Hyōgo

City located in Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan.

Ichijō-ji's pagoda


Hyōgo Prefecture

Prefecture of Japan located in the Kansai region of Honshu.

Himeji Castle in Himeji, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
Map of Hyogo Prefecture with former provincial boundaries and current prefectural offices.
1.Kobe city (divided between Harima and Settsu)
2.Settsu (Hanshin South office)
3.Settsu (Hanshin North office)
4.Harima East office
5.Harima North office
6.Harima Central office
7.Harima West office
9.Tanba office
8.Tajima office
10.Awaji office Areas beyond Harima West belonged to Mimasaka (north) and Bizen (south)
Kobe Port
Kyocera Dome Osaka.
Dekansho Bon Dancing Festival
Castle Festival in Himeji
Hyōnosen-Ushiroyama-Nagisan Quasi-National Park (Mt. Hyonosen view from Yabu)
Hyōnosen-Ushiroyama-Nagisan Quasi-National Park (Torokawataira in Kami)
Sanin Kaigan National Park (Takeno Beach in Toyooka)
Sanin Kaigan National Park (Tajima-mihonoura of Sanin Coast in Shinonsen)
Jōdo-ji in Ono
Ichijo-ji in Kasai
Kakurin-ji in Kakogawa
Kitano-chō Yamamoto-dōri
Hyōgo Prefectural Museum of Art in Kobe.
Kobe City Museum in Kobe.
KOSETSU Museum of Art in Kobe.
Himeji City Museum of Art in Himeji.
Asago Art Village in Asago.
Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum in Takarazuka.
Arima Onsen, Kobe
Million-dollar view, Kobe
Harborland – Meriken Park area in Kobe
Awaji Yumebutai in Awaji
Kuchiganaya in Asago
Kinosaki Onsen
Yumura Onsen
Tonomine highland in Kamikawa
Toyooka Stork Park
Takeda Castle

Kōbe is the capital and largest city of Hyōgo Prefecture, and the seventh-largest city in Japan, with other major cities including Himeji, Nishinomiya, and Amagasaki.

Harima Province

Province of Japan in the part of Honshū that is the southwestern part of present-day Hyōgo Prefecture.

Map of Japanese provinces (1868) with Harima Province highlighted

Its capital was Himeji.

Takasago, Hyōgo

City located in Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan.

Pinus and Takasago Seaside park
Takasago Kashima Shrine
Aioi Pinus in Takasago Shrine
Takasago City Hall
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Shisō, Hyōgo

City in Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan.

Haga Castle
Onzui Ravine
Harafudo Falls


Himeji Domain

Feudal domain under the Tokugawa shogunate of Edo period Japan, located in Harima Province in what is now the southern portion of modern-day Hyōgo Prefecture.

A corner tower from Himeji Castle, capital of the Himeji Domain
Himeji Castle
Sakai Tadatoshi

It was centered around Himeji Castle, which is located in what is now the city of Himeji, Hyōgo.

Tatsuno, Hyōgo

City in Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan.

The Ibo River (from Tatsuno Bridge). On the right is the headquarters and Factory No. 1 for Higashimaru Shoyu Co., Ltd. (soy sauce).
An aerial photo of central Tatsuno and environs. Composed from eight photos taken in 1980. Created from the "Color Aerial Photographs" produced by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
Tatsuno Castle's castle town
Mt. Ayabe
Ibo River
Iwami Hill
Tatsuno CIty Hall
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East: Himeji; Taishi, Ibo District