A promontory, on Lake Baikal, Russia
The Bailiwick of Guernsey
La Gran'mère du Chimquière, the Grandmother of Chimquiere, the statue menhir at the gate of Saint Martin's church is an important prehistoric monument
Battle 1342
The burning of the Guernsey Martyrs 1556
Castle Cornet seen at night over the harbour of St Peter Port.
Plaque to the memory of Guernsey civilians killed, particularly in the 28 June 1940 bombing raid.

Raised mass of land that projects into a lowland or a body of water .

- Promontory

Around 6000 BC, rising sea created the English Channel and separated the Norman promontories that became the bailiwicks of Guernsey and Jersey from continental Europe.

- History of Guernsey
A promontory, on Lake Baikal, Russia

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