Meridian Museum of Art in 2018
Meridian's most visible icon, the Threefoot Building, was built in 1929.
Postcard of the museum when it was one of Meridian's Carnegie public libraries
The area which is now Meridian was previously part of the Choctaw Nation.
A monument in Rose Hill Cemetery honoring Lewis A. Ragsdale, one of the founders of Meridian.
Choctaw Native American Jack Amos led rescue efforts to save drowning Confederate soldiers in the Chunky Creek Train Wreck of 1863.
Union General William Tecumseh Sherman
Postcard of downtown Meridian in its "golden age."
Wechsler School, the first brick public school for blacks in the state
Postcard of Meridian's Union Station, built in 1906
One of Meridian's Carnegie libraries is now the Meridian Museum of Art
The doughboy monument, erected after World War I to honor Meridianites lost in battle.
Meridian's Temple Theater
Meridian's Riley Center, renovated in 2006
The Threefoot Building, currently awaiting renovation.

Art museum located at 628 25th Avenue, Meridian, Mississippi.

- Meridian Museum of Art

The city used the library for whites until 1970, when it was renovated and converted into the Meridian Museum of Art.

- History of Meridian, Mississippi
Meridian Museum of Art in 2018

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