History of the Jews in 18th-century Poland

Drawings of Jewish dress from the 17th and 18th centuries (top) and 18th centuries (bottom).

Tumultuous period as political unrest in the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth led to changes in the treatment and behavior of Jews living within its territory.

- History of the Jews in 18th-century Poland

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City in northeastern Poland with a population of 69,210 (2011).

Yotvingian kurgan
Resursa - once a trading point, now a museum
St Alexander Church, built in the 19th century
Town hall, built in 1844
Kosciuszko street with historic tenements
Old houses and tenements on Mickiewicz Street
World War II destruction in Suwałki
Historic townhouses at Kościuszki Street in the 1950s
Andrzej Strumiłło Gallery
Suwałki Plaza shopping mall
Municipal Stadium
Edward Szczepanik, Prime Minister of The Government of the Polish Republic in Exile
Andrzej Wajda, film director and recipient of an Honorary Oscar

A large part of the population was Jewish.