Hu Yaobang in 1986
Xinhua headquarters office in Beijing
39.89876°N, 116.36523°W
Hu Yaobang at Yan'an in the 1930s
Building of Red China News Agency in 1937
Hu Yaobang and his wife Li Zhao
Xinhua News Agency's overseas flagship digital billboard was inaugurated on Times Square, at the heart of Manhattan, New York City in 2010.
Hu Yaobang, Zhu De, and Liao Chengzhi at the National Youth Congress in 1953 (left to right)
Bureau in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
(from left) Zhao Ziyang, Deng Xiaoping and Li Peng at Hu Yaobang's memorial service in the Great Hall of the People, on 22 April 1989
Hu Yaobang's Former Residence.
Hu's Statue in his hometown Liuyang

Although more cautious than People's Daily in its treatment of sensitive topics during that period – such as how to commemorate reformist CCP leader Hu Yaobang's April 1989 death and then ongoing demonstrations in Beijing and elsewhere – Xinhua gave some favorable coverage to demonstrators and intellectuals supportive of the movement.

- Xinhua News Agency

"Birth Anniversary Marked for Late Leader Hu Yaobang". Xinhua. 18 November 2005. Retrieved 23 October 2011.

- Hu Yaobang

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