Huazhou District

Hua County, ShaanxiHua CountyHuazhouHua(xian)Huaxianthe capital
Huazhou District, formerly Hua County or Huaxian, is a district of Weinan, Shaanxi province, China.wikipedia
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Weinan PrefectureWeinan City
Huazhou District, formerly Hua County or Huaxian, is a district of Weinan, Shaanxi province, China.
On the morning of 23 January 1556, the deadliest earthquake on record with its epicenter in Huaxian killed approximately 830,000 people, destroying an 840 kilometre-wide (520 mi) area.

1556 Shaanxi earthquake

Shaanxi earthquake15561556 in Shaanxi, China
*1556 Shaanxi earthquake
The 1556 Shaanxi earthquake or Huaxian earthquake or Jiajing earthquake is the deadliest earthquake in recorded history: according to imperial records approximately 830,000 people lost their lives.


Shaanxi ProvinceShensiShǎnxī
Huazhou District, formerly Hua County or Huaxian, is a district of Weinan, Shaanxi province, China.

Subdistricts of China

Huazhou District has 1 Subdistrict and 9 towns.

Time in China

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Gaotang, Shaanxi

Gaotang is a town of Hua County in eastern Shaanxi province, China, located about 17 km southeast of downtown Weinan on the northern slopes of the Qin Mountains.

Yang Zhongjian

YoungC. C. YoungYang
Yang was born in Hua County, Shaanxi, China.

Zheng (state)

ZhengState of ZhengZhèng
Zheng was founded in 806 BC when King Xuan of Zhou, the penultimate king of the Western Zhou, made his younger brother Prince You Duke of Zheng and granted him lands within the royal domain in the eponymous Zheng in modern-day Hua County, Shaanxi on the Wei River east of Xi'an.

Du Ji

When he was 19, he served in the convict labour section under the magistrate of Zheng County (鄭縣; present-day Hua County, Shaanxi).

Guo Ziyi

Kuo Tzu-IKwok Tze-yiPrince Zhongwu of Fenyang
Guo Ziyi was born into the family of a middle-class civil servant in Hua Prefecture (華州, present-day Hua County in Shaanxi), he was described as a handsome man and was over 1.9 meters tall.

Duke Huan of Zheng

In 806 BC, he was bestowed the land of Zheng (northwest of modern Hua County, Shaanxi) by King Xuan of Zhou.

Hua Prefecture (Shaanxi)

Hua PrefectureHuázhōu
Huazhou or Hua Prefecture was a zhou (prefecture) in imperial China seated in modern Hua County, Shaanxi, China.


Mengru moved his family from Taiyuan to Huazhou District.

Shi Jin

One day Chen Da, one of the three bandit chiefs on Mount Shaohua (少華山; southeast of present-day Hua County, Shaanxi), passes by Shi Family Village with his men en route to Huayin County to raid the place for replenishment.

Zheng (surname)

In 806 BC, King Xuan, the penultimate king of the Western Zhou Dynasty, enfeoffed his younger brother Prince You, who became posthumously known as Duke Huan of Zheng, at Zheng (present-day Hua County, Shaanxi).

Chishui River (Shaanxi)

ChishuiChishui River
It is near the town of Chishui, in Hua County, under the jurisdiction of Weinan, in the northwestern province of Shaanxi.