Hudson & Landry

Tragic Comic Masks of Ancient Greek Theatre
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American comedy team who wrote and recorded four gold albums on the Doré Records label in the 1970s: Hanging in There , Losing Their Heads (1972), Right-Off! (1972), and The Weird Kingdom (1974).

- Hudson & Landry

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Jim Backus

American actor.

Publicity still of Backus for The Jim Backus Show, 1962
Virginia Brissac, Backus, Ann Doran, Edward Platt, and James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause (1955)
Backus in a guest appearance on The Beverly Hillbillies, with Nancy Kulp (1963)
Backus and his wife, Henny, 1969

In 1974, a full-length comedy LP album was released on the Doré label under the title The Dirty Old Man, with sketches written by Bob Hudson and Ron Landry, who also appear on the album, along with voice-actress Jane Webb.

They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!

1966 novelty record written and performed by Jerry Samuels , and released on Warner Bros. Records.

Cover of the Rhino Records co. re-issue of the WB album

In 1966, KRLA DJ "Emperor Bob" Hudson recorded a similarly styled song titled I'm Normal, including the lines "They came and took my brother away/The men in white picked him up yesterday/But they'll never come take me away, 'cos I'm O.K./I'm normal."

American Top 40

Internationally syndicated, independent song countdown radio program created by Casey Kasem, Don Bustany, Tom Rounds, and Ron Jacobs.

American Top 40 logo 2021 - present.
American Top 40 logo 2021 - present.
Seacrest in 2013

Los Angeles deejay "Emperor" Bob Hudson attempted to substitute for Casey sometime between 1976 and 1978 (no specific date was given); however, Hudson had trouble recording his material for AT40, giving up after realizing that he could not host AT40 the same way he would host his morning drive show.

Doré Records

Record label founded in Los Angeles, California, in 1958 by Lew (or Lou) Bedell and his cousin Herb Newman.

Doré also issued comedy albums, and its most successful act was the comedy duo of Hudson & Landry.

The Emperor (film)

Bob Hudson in The Emperor

The Emperor is a short film by George Lucas about the radio DJ Bob Hudson (known as "The Emperor"), made while Lucas was a film student at the University of Southern California's film school.

Dick Biondi

American Top 40 and Oldies disc jockey.

Dick Biondi at WCFL, circa 1967

At KRLA, Biondi was in good company working with other legendary radio personalities, including Bob Eubanks, Casey Kasem, Emperor Bob Hudson and Dave Hull.


Radio station in Los Angeles, California, owned and operated by iHeartMedia, Inc. It began operations in 1922 and became one of the first high-powered, clear-channel Class A stations.

Advertisement for a live radio broadcast featuring soprano Lisa Roma, published in the Los Angeles Times on May 6, 1930
In 1972, KFI celebrated its 50th anniversary.
KFI logo from 1981 to 1988

In addition to Lohman and Barkley, other hosts included Hudson & Landry, Charlie and Mitzi (Charlie Brill and Mitzi McCall of Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In), and Gary Owens.


Roman Catholic Christian formatted radio station licensed to Kaukauna, Wisconsin, that serves the Green Bay and Appleton-Oshkosh areas.


Lesser known, older artists were also aired such as Shelley Berman, Henny Youngman, Hudson & Landry and the Duck's Breath Mystery Theater.

Era Records

Independent American record label in Hollywood, California.

Dore Records (Teddy Bears, Jan & Dean, Hudson & Landry)

Phil Hendrie

American radio personality and actor.

He was a huge fan of the Top 40 D.J. "Emperor" Bob Hudson and once rode his bike to radio station KRLA in Pasadena to meet him.