Lotte Lehmann in Beethoven's Fidelio
Photograph of Hugo Wolf
The St. Charles Borromeo Cemetery Church in the middle of the Vienna Central Cemetery
On the cover of Time magazine February 18, 1935
Star on Musik Meile Vienna
Buddhist burial ground
Hugo Wolf (1885)
Muslim section
Wolf in 1902
Protestant section with funerary chapel
Russian Orthodox chapel
Anatomy Memorial
Military section
Mausoleum of the architect Max Fleischer (1841–1905) in the old Jewish section
Mortuary building
Ludwig van Beethoven's grave.
Ludwig Boltzmann's grave.
Johannes Brahms's grave.
Arnold Schoenberg's grave.
Franz Schubert's grave.
Johann Strauss' I grave.
Franz Werfel's grave.
Hedy Lamarr's grave.

She is interred in the Zentralfriedhof in Vienna.

- Lotte Lehmann

The two women named their Santa Barbara house "Orplid" after the dream island described in Hugo Wolf's art song "Gesang Weylas".

- Lotte Lehmann

Wolf is buried in the Zentralfriedhof (Central Cemetery) in Vienna, along with many other notable composers.

- Hugo Wolf

Significant early Wolf recording artists included Elisabeth Schumann, Heinrich Rehkemper, Heinrich Schlusnus, Josef von Manowarda, Lotte Lehmann, Karl Erb and others.

- Hugo Wolf

Lotte Lehmann (1888–1976), opera singer

- Vienna Central Cemetery

Hugo Wolf (1860–1903), composer

- Vienna Central Cemetery
Lotte Lehmann in Beethoven's Fidelio

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