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A humor magazine is a magazine specifically designed to deliver humorous content to its readership.wikipedia
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Cracked (magazine)

CrackedCracked magazineSylvester P. Smythe
Cracked is a defunct American humor magazine.

The Harvard Lampoon

Harvard LampoonLampoonHarvard ''Lampoon
The Harvard Lampoon is an undergraduate humor publication founded in 1876 by seven undergraduates at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Jester of Columbia

JesterColumbia College JesterThe Jester
The Jester of Columbia, or simply the Jester, is a humor magazine at Columbia University in New York City.

Mad (magazine)

MadMad MagazineMad'' magazine
Mad (stylized as MAD) is an American humor magazine founded in 1952 by editor Harvey Kurtzman and publisher William Gaines, launched as a comic book before it became a magazine.

The Georgetown Heckler

The Georgetown Heckler is undergraduate humor magazine found in 2003 at Georgetown University on Washington, D.C. by Justin Droms.

The Oxymoron

The Oxymoron is a student satirical magazine published anonymously by and for students of Oxford University.

Stanford Chaparral

ChaparralThe Stanford Chaparral
The Stanford Chaparral (also known as the Chappie) is a humor magazine published by students of Stanford University since 1899.

Viz (comics)

VizFulchesterSimon Thorp
Viz is a popular British adult comic magazine founded in 1979 by Chris Donald.

The Yale Record

Yale RecordOld OwlRecord
The Yale Record is the campus humor magazine of Yale University.

Heuristic Squelch

The Heuristic Squelch, founded in 1991 as a successor to the Pelican, is a satirical magazine published three to four times a semester by students at UC Berkeley.

Garry Trudeau

Gary TrudeauGarretson Beekman TrudeauGarry Beekman Trudeau
He spent much of his time cartooning and writing for Yale's humor magazine The Yale Record, eventually serving as the magazine's editor-in-chief.


A humor magazine is a magazine specifically designed to deliver humorous content to its readership.

Help! (magazine)

Help!HelpHelp!'' (magazine)
Help! is an American satire magazine that was published by James Warren from 1960 to 1965.

Judge (magazine)

JudgeJudge MagazineJudge'' (magazine)
Judge was a weekly satirical magazine published in the United States from 1881 to 1947.

Le Charivari

Humor magazines first became popular in the early 19th century with specimens like Le Charivari (1832–1937) in France, Punch (1841–2002) in the United Kingdom and Vanity Fair (1859–1863) in the United States.


Krokodil (Crocodile)
Krokodil (, crocodile) was a satirical magazine published in the Soviet Union.

Peter Arno

He was educated at the Hotchkiss School and Yale University, where he contributed illustrations, covers and cartoons to The Yale Record, the campus humor magazine, as "Peters".

Funny Times (newspaper)

Funny TimesThe Funny TimesFunny Times'' (newspaper)

Puck (magazine)

PuckPuck MagazinePuck'' magazine
Puck is a defunct magazine, the first successful humor magazine in the United States of colorful cartoons, caricatures and political satire of the issues of the day.

The Realist

Disneyland Memorial OrgyThe Parts That Were Left Out of the Kennedy BookThe Disneyland Memorial Orgy
The Realist was a pioneering magazine of "social-political-religious criticism and satire", intended as a hybrid of a grown-ups version of Mad and Lyle Stuart's anti-censorship monthly The Independent. Edited and published by Paul Krassner, and often regarded as a milestone in the American underground or countercultural press of the mid-20th century, it was a nationally-distributed newsstand publication as early as 1958.


Nebelspalter (''literally "Fog cleaver"'')