Hung Hom

Hung Hom viewed from Tsim Sha Tsui
Hung Hom skyline in 2009, viewed from the east (Kwun Tong). The strip of land in the foreground is the former runway of the retired Kai Tak Airport.
Hung Hom skyline in 2007, viewed from the south (Victoria Harbour)
Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Hong Chong Road
The Harbourfront Landmark
Royal Peninsula car entrance
The Hong Kong Coliseum
Kerry Hotel Hong Kong open space
The Whampoa is the landmark of Whampoa Garden shopping centre, an AEON Style department store is located in its basement.
Hutchison Park
Hung Hom Promenade
Hung Hom Kwun Yum Temple
Toll plaza of the Cross-Harbour Tunnel at Hung Hom
Hung Hom Ferry Pier

Area in the southeast of Kowloon Peninsula, Hong Kong.

- Hung Hom

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Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Pao Yue-Kong Library in August 2013
Hung Hom Bay Student Halls of Residence, Jockey Club Wing in March 2013.
Block VA, the building for the PolyU Students’ Union in March 2014.
Hung Hom campus, viewed from the west in July 2016
Hung Hom campus is located in the urban transportation hub. Taken in November 2005.
Cheong Wan Road Entrance in June 2017
Anita Chan Lai Ling Building and the grass in front of it in August 2013
Jockey Club Auditorium in May 2019
Block N and Logo Square in August 2013
The bell tower is one of the gathering places for students. Taken in May 2019.
A sitting-out area on campus in August 2013
Li Ka Shing Tower in October 2013
Communal Building in September 2018
Shirley Chan Building, Choi Kai Yau Building and Mong Mn Wai Building in February 2013
Ho Iu Kwong Building/Industrial Centre (Block W) in August 2018
Y Core in January 2013
Innovation Tower in August 2013
Block X in October 2017
Block Z in August 2013
Hotel Icon in July 2011
Chiang Chen Studio Theatre in May 2019
PolyU West Kowloon Campus in February 2012

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) is an English-language public research university located in Hung Hom, Hong Kong near Hung Hom station.

Hong Kong and Whampoa Dock

Hong Kong dockyard, once among the largest in Asia.

Plan of the Kowloon Dockyard in the 1900s
Hong Kong and Whampoa Dock c. 1908
Hong Kong and Whampoa Dock c. 1908

In 1865, it was known as Kowloon Docks and located on the west Kowloon coast between Hung Hom and Tai Wan, facing Hung Hom Bay in the Victoria Harbour.

Kowloon City District

One of the 18 districts of Hong Kong.

A section of Fuk Lo Tsun Road, Kowloon City

The district includes many notable areas of Kowloon, such as Ho Man Tin, Hung Hom, Kai Tak Airport, Kowloon Tong, Ma Tau Wai, To Kwa Wan, and Whampoa Garden, and the proper Kowloon City, from where it derives its namesake.

Victoria Harbour

Natural landform harbour in Hong Kong separating Hong Kong Island in the south from the Kowloon Peninsula to the north.

A sketch of the view of Victoria Harbour from a hill, 1845
Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong Island in the 1860s
HMS Tamar anchored off the naval dockyard in Victoria Harbour in 1905
View from the Sky100
China Airlines Flight 605 went beyond the end of the runway and down into the water
Satellite view of Victoria Harbour in the 2000s
Victoria Harbour seen westward from Central Plaza, with the shores of Hong Kong Island at the left and Kowloon at the right.
Hong Kong's old airport, Kai Tak, was located in Victoria Harbour.
Hong Kong Ocean Terminal in December 2008
Meridian Star of the Star Ferry crossing Victoria Harbour
The ocean liner RMS Queen Elizabeth caught fire and capsized in Victoria Harbour in 1972.

Rumsey Rock (within Tsim Sha Tsui/Hung Hom)

Hung Hom Bay

Hung Hom Bay Buildings in August 2014
Hong Kong map in 1915, indicated the Hung Hom Bay in the southeast of Kowloon Peninsula
Cheong Wan Road entrance of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in July 2018
Hung Hom station in July 2008
Hung Hom Ferry Pier in December 2010
The Hong Kong Coliseum consists of a big arena and a number of conference rooms. Taken in July 2008.
Kerry Hotel Hong Kong opened in 2017.
Stars by the Harbour in May 2017

Hung Hom Bay was a bay in Victoria Harbour, between Tsim Sha Tsui and Hung Hom in the southeast of Kowloon Peninsula, Hong Kong.

Tai Wan, Hung Hom

View of the Laguna Verde housing complex from Tai Wan Shan Park in December 2012

Tai Wan was a bay on the eastern Hung Hom, Kowloon Peninsula in Hong Kong.


Urban area in Hong Kong comprising the Kowloon Peninsula and New Kowloon.

Kowloon c. 1868, depicting the Qing-era Kowloon Walled City and Lion Rock (in the background)
Map of Kowloon in 1915
Hong Kong's old airport, Kai Tak, was located in Kowloon Bay.
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Hung Hom
King George V School, Homantin
Western Harbour Crossing, one of the tunnels that link Kowloon with Hong Kong Island
Urban Council Centenary Garden fountain, Tsim Sha Tsui
Maze Garden, Kowloon Park, Tsim Sha Tsui
An Air France Boeing 747 passing above Kowloon, prior to landing at the old airport in 1998.
Star Ferry Pier, with the Hong Kong Cultural Centre and Tsim Sha Tsui Clock Tower in the background.
Kowloon Masjid and Islamic Centre
Night view of Kowloon from Hong Kong Island

Hung Hom

Hung Hom station

East Rail line platforms
Lobby of Hung Hom station

Hung Hom is a passenger railway station in Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Kwun Tong line

Heavy-rail rapid transit line of the MTR network in Hong Kong, coloured green on the MTR map.

A train entering Kwun Tong station
Geographically accurate map of the Kwun Tong line

Starting at Whampoa in Hung Hom and ending at Tiu Keng Leng in Tseung Kwan O, Sai Kung, the route has 17 stations and takes 35 minutes to complete.

Lo Lung Hang

Hung Hom viewed from Tsim Sha Tsui

Lo Lung Hang is a valley northwest of Hung Hom, Kowloon City District, Hong Kong.