Hurricane Liza (disambiguation)

LizaOther storms with the same nameOther tropical cyclones named Liza
The name Liza has been used for four tropical cyclones in the Eastern Pacific Ocean.wikipedia
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Hurricane Liza (1968)

Hurricane Liza (1968) – didn't hit Mexico, but caused damage out to sea.
Other storms with the same name

Hurricane Liza

Liza1976's LizaHurricane Liza in 1976
Hurricane Liza (1976) – A category 4 hurricane that killed 600 people in northern Mexico.
Other tropical cyclones named Liza

1961 Pacific hurricane season

1961Tropical Storm SimoneIva
Tropical Storm Liza (1961) – A minimal storm that did not affect land.

1972 Pacific hurricane season

19721972 seasonCeleste
Tropical Storm Liza (1972) – A weak tropical storm that didn't affect land.


Hurricane Liza (disambiguation), the name of four tropical cyclones in the Eastern Pacific Ocean