Tuzla town, 1897
Cantons of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tuzla Canton Government Building in flames during the 2014 unrest in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Tuzla valley (coal mines, lakes, airport)
A small bridge that indicates the crossing from the area of Korzo to the Pannonian lakes.
Pannonian Lakes during winter time.
Main park of Tuzla, located next to the Pannonian lakes and the area Korzo.
Statues of Meša Selimović and Ismet Mujezinović
WizzAir, main airline, airplane taxiing after landing in Tuzla International Airport.
Public fountain and city mosque
Seal of Tuzla county, 1850–1923
Seal of Tuzla town, 1850–1923
Tuzla salt mine, 1897
Third Yugoslav partisans' Corps marching through liberated Tuzla in October 1943.
Yugoslav-time industrial plants in Tuzla
Tuzla Power Plant
Work Affair and Residential building in the center square of Tuzla.
High scale building at residential zone Stupine.
Business center, as well as the main Muslim Religious center.
Trg Slobode
WWII memorial
Panoramic view of the Mellain Hotel building from the Pannonian Lakes.
King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud Mosque.

Tuzla is the third-largest city of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the administrative center of Tuzla Canton of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

- Tuzla

The cantonal seat is the city of Tuzla.

- Tuzla Canton

7,000 miners from Tuzla, Breza and Zenica in central Bosnia, participated in the strike in the village of Husino in Tuzla.

- Husino rebellion

The Husino uprising took place in 1920.

- Tuzla

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