hypoplasticunderdevelopeddeformitygluteal hypoplasiahypoblastichypoplastic lungsMedullary hypoplasiapontocerebellar hypoplasiaunderdevelopment
Hypoplasia (from Ancient Greek ὑπo- hypo-, "under" + πλάσις plasis, "formation"; adjective form hypoplastic) is underdevelopment or incomplete development of a tissue or organ.wikipedia
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Agenesis of the corpus callosum

agenesisCorpus callosum agenesishypoplasia of the corpus callosum
In addition to agenesis of the corpus callosum, other callosal disorders include hypogenesis (partial agenesis, usually referring to the length), dysgenesis (malformation) and hypoplasia (underdevelopment, usually referring to the thickness) of the corpus callosum.

DiGeorge syndrome

22q11.2 deletion syndromevelocardiofacial syndromevelo-cardio-facial syndrome
Infections are common in children due to problems with the immune system's T cell-mediated response that in some patients is due to an absent or hypoplastic thymus.

Popliteal pterygium syndrome

Popliteal pterygium syndrome lethal typepopliteal web syndrome
Lethal PPS is differentiated by microcephaly, corneal aplasia, ectropion, bony fusions, hypoplastic nose and absent thumbs, while PPS with Ectodermal Dysplasia is differentiated by woolly hair, brittle nails, ectodermal anomalies, and fissure of the sacral vertebrae.


Caudal regression syndrome

sacral agenesisagenesis of the lower spinecaudal regression
Caudal regression syndrome, or sacral agenesis (or hypoplasia of the sacrum), is a rare birth defect.

Optic nerve hypoplasia

optic nerve abnormalitiesOptic nerve hypoplasia, familial bilateralunderdeveloped optic nerve
Abnormalities evident via neuroradiography can include agenesis (absence) or hypoplasia of the corpus callosum, absence or incomplete development of the septum pellucidum, malformations of the pituitary gland, schizencephaly, cortical heterotopia, white matter hypoplasia, pachygyria, and holoprosencephaly.


cerebellarcerebellar cortexcerebellar nuclei
Congenital malformation or underdevelopment (hypoplasia) of the cerebellar vermis is a characteristic of both Dandy–Walker syndrome and Joubert syndrome.

Asymmetric crying facies

Cayler syndromemalar hypoplasia
Asymmetric crying facies (ACF), also called partial unilateral facial paresis and hypoplasia of depressor angula oris muscle, is a minor congenital anomaly caused by agenesis or hypoplasia of the depressor anguli oris muscle, one of the muscles that control the movements of the lower lip.

Harlequin-type ichthyosis

Harlequin type ichthyosisHarlequin ichthyosisIchthyosis congenita
Hypoplasia is sometimes found in the fingers.

Enamel hypoplasia

Turner's hypoplasiaTurner's tooththinned tooth enamel
White or yellow discoloration may accompany Turner's hypoplasia.

Ancient Greek

GreekClassical GreekGr.
Hypoplasia (from Ancient Greek ὑπo- hypo-, "under" + πλάσις plasis, "formation"; adjective form hypoplastic) is underdevelopment or incomplete development of a tissue or organ.


It is technically not the opposite of hyperplasia (too many cells).


It is descriptive of many medical conditions, including underdevelopment of organs such as:


pubescentpubescencesexual development

Fanconi anemia

Fanconi anaemiaFanconi's anaemiaFanconi anemia C