Ian Pratt (computer scientist)

Xen running NetBSD and three Linux distributions

British computer scientist.

- Ian Pratt (computer scientist)

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Type-1 hypervisor, providing services that allow multiple computer operating systems to execute on the same computer hardware concurrently.

Xen running NetBSD and three Linux distributions
Xen running NetBSD and three Linux distributions

Xen originated as a research project at the University of Cambridge led by Ian Pratt, a senior lecturer in the Computer Laboratory, and his PhD student Keir Fraser.

Department of Computer Science and Technology, University of Cambridge

Computer science department of the University of Cambridge.

Charles Babbage, sometimes referred to as the "father of computing".

Ian Pratt


Venture capital–backed startup based in Cupertino, California that worked with virtualization technology.

Bromium "micro-virtualization" technology

Bromium was founded in 2010 by Gaurav Banga, who was later joined by former Citrix and XenSource executives Simon Crosby and Ian Pratt.


LUG (Linux User Group) based out of New York City.

Installfest hosted by the Rutgers University Student Linux Users' Group.

Ian Pratt

Citrix Virtual Desktops

Desktop virtualization product.

A brief timeline of the most popular modern desktop environments for Unix-like operating systems (greyscale logos indicate when the project's development started, while colorized logos indicate the project's first release)

The virtualization technology that led to XenDesktop was first developed in 2000 through an open-source hypervisor research project led by Ian Pratt at the University of Cambridge called Xen Project for x86.