A gold medal awarded at the 2001 Championships
Bohemian European Champions in 1911
The gold medal-winning Winnipeg Falcons (representing Canada) en route to the 1920 Summer Olympics.
Self-governing districts of Ostrava
Finland national team at the 1939 World Championships
Cadastral areas of Ostrava
A gold medal won by Czechoslovakia (1947)
City logo
Jersey of Canada's 1952 World Champion / Olympic Gold Medal team, the Edmonton Mercurys
The Church of St. Wenceslaus, one of the oldest and most important monuments of Ostrava
The final game at the 1957 World Championships in Moscow was played at the Luzhniki Stadium. It was attended by at least 50,000 people, a tournament record until 2010.
Marian Column (1702) at Masaryk Square
The game between Canada and the Soviet Union at the 1954 World Championships, which the Soviets won 7–2.
The Sophienhütte ironworks, c. 1910
Soviet Union vs Canada in 1960s
Miloš Sýkora Bridge over the Ostravice River and Silesian Ostrava Town Hall
In 1962, David Bauer established a national team made up of Canada's top amateur players.
Leoš Janáček Airport Ostrava
Vladislav Tretiak is one of two players (Alexander Ragulin being the other) to win ten World Championships.
Ostrava trams in their traditional blue and white livery at the "Nová Ves vodárna" stop
Soviet forward Igor Larionov won four World Championships before departing to play in the NHL in 1989.
Railway station Ostrava-Svinov
Alexander Semin scores a goal in the gold medal game between Canada and Russia at the 2008 World Championships.
The Ostravice River
The Czech ice hockey world champions at Old Town Square (2010)
Inside the Antonín Dvořák Theatre
Members of the 2008 World Champion Russian team with President Dmitry Medvedev.
Colours of Ostrava
Timing of annual Champion Group tournament
Ostrava Puppet Theatre
A game between Canada and Sweden during the 1928 Winter Olympics.
Jirásek Square, former chicken market (kuří rynek), in Moravská Ostrava
Heyrovský Secondary Industrial School and High School
VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava
VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava – Ceremonial Hall
Vítkovice stadium

The city co-hosted (with Prague) the Ice Hockey World Championships in 2004 and 2015.

- Ostrava

The 2015 World Championship, held in Prague and Ostrava, Czech Republic, was the most successful to date in terms of overall attendance; it was visited by 741,690 people and average attendance was at 11,589.

- Ice Hockey World Championships
A gold medal awarded at the 2001 Championships

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Czech Republic

Landlocked country in Central Europe.

Landlocked country in Central Europe.

The Crown of Bohemia within the Holy Roman Empire (1600). The Czech lands were part of the Empire in 1002–1806, and Prague was the imperial seat in 1346–1437 and 1583–1611.
Battle between Hussites and crusaders during the Hussite Wars; Jena Codex, 15th century
The 1618 Defenestration of Prague marked the beginning of the Bohemian Revolt against the Habsburgs and therefore the first phase of the Thirty Years' War.
The First Czechoslovak Republic comprised 27% of the population of the former Austria-Hungary and nearly 80% of the industry.
Prague during the 1968 Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia
Václav Havel, one of the most important figures in the history of the 20th century. Leader of the Velvet Revolution, the last president of Czechoslovakia and the first president of the Czech Republic.
Topographic map
The Chamber of Deputies, lower house of the Parliament of the Czech Republic
Interior of the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic in Brno
Visa-free entry countries for Czech citizens in green, EU in blue (see citizenship of the European Union)
General Staff of the Army of the Czech Republic in Prague
Real GPD per capita development the Czech Republic 1973 to 2018
The Czech Republic is part of the European Single Market and the Schengen Area, but uses its own currency, the Czech koruna.
Škoda Octavia RS iV
Dukovany Nuclear Power Station
Václav Havel Airport Prague
Founders and owners of the antivirus group Avast
Medieval castle Karlštejn
Český Krumlov
Chemist Jaroslav Heyrovský, Nobel Prize winner
Eli Beamlines Science Center with the most powerful laser in the world in Dolní Břežany
Saint Wenceslaus, patron saint of the Czech lands
The oldest part of Charles University, founded in 1348
Historic center of Prague
Czech artists developed a distinct cubist style in architecture and applied arts. It later evolved into national Czechoslovak style, rondocubism.
Franz Kafka
Antonín Dvořák
American poster of Karel Zeman's 1958 film A Deadly Invention
Oscar-winning director Miloš Forman
Seat of Czech television
A mug of Pilsner Urquell, the first pilsner type of pale lager beer, brewed since 1842
Hockey player Jaromír Jágr
Antonín Dvořák

The capital and largest city is Prague; other major cities and urban areas include Brno, Ostrava, Plzeň and Liberec.

The most watched sporting events are the Olympic tournament and World Championships of ice hockey.