A US Army M113 in Panama in 1989
Ordnance Survey map of Imber from 1902
JGSDF soldiers practice MOUT tactics in the Ojojibara Maneuver Area of Sendai, Japan during an exercise in 2004.
The Imber Ranges by-laws
The Battle of Tampere during the 1918 Finnish Civil War was the largest urban warfare in the Nordic war at the time, measured by the number of troops involved. The picture shows the ruins of the city of Tampere after the battle.
The tower of St Giles' in 2002
Japanese troops in the ruins of Shanghai during the Second Sino-Japanese War
Manila, the capital of the Philippines, devastated during the Battle of Manila in 1945.
Urban warfare is fought within the constraints of the urban terrain.
Home Army soldiers assault a fortified house in downtown Warsaw during the Warsaw Uprising of 1944.
The former Seagrams Farm
Italian soldiers street fighting in Stalino, October 1941.
Houses used for training purposes
The Reichstag after its capture in 1945.
This building was a pub known as The Bell
A devastated street in Berlin city centre, 3 July 1945.
Imber Court building
A Chechen separatist near the Presidential Palace in Grozny, January 1995
Israeli soldiers of the Kfir Brigade during an exercise simulating the takeover of a hostile urban area.
An IDF Caterpillar D9L armoured bulldozer.
Monument to victim of highwaymen, Imber Range
Zambraniyah Training Village in Orogrande, New Mexico, United States
A Brazilian soldier moves down an escape corridor

Since 1988, urban warfare training has been centred at a purpose-built complex at Copehill Down, about 3 miles to the southeast.

- Imber

During World War II, as preparation for the Allied invasion of Normandy, the population of the English village of Imber was evacuated compulsorily to provide an urban training area for United States forces.

- Urban warfare
A US Army M113 in Panama in 1989

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