Ammunition rigged for an IED discovered by Iraqi police in Baghdad in November 2005
A mail bomb on display at the National Postal Museum
This Cougar in Al Anbar, Iraq, was hit by a directed charge IED, approximately 90 –.
Robert Harley was targeted in one of the earliest modern parcel bombing incidents
X-ray of a suitcase showing a pipe bomb and a laptop.
Parcel bomb sent to Madame Tussauds in 1889
Improvised explosive device in Iraq. The concave copper shape on top defines an explosively formed penetrator/projectile
FBI reproduction of one of Theodore Kaczynski’s bombs
Artillery shells and gasoline cans discovered in the back of a pick-up truck in Iraq
Michael Lapsley lost both hands and was blinded in one eye after a mail bombing attack
A U.S. Marine in Iraq shown with a robot used for disposal of buried devices
Mail bomb sent by pro-Trump extremists, 2018
Israeli IDF Caterpillar D9 armored bulldozer, which is used by the IDF Combat Engineering Corps for clearing heavy belly charges and booby-trapped buildings.
U.S. Marines with Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) destroy an improvised explosive device cache in southern Afghanistan in June 2010.
A Stryker lies on its side following a buried IED blast in Iraq. (2007)
Oil-drum roadside IED removed from culvert in 1984
Wheelbarrow counter-IED robot on streets of Northern Ireland in 1978
Captured IEDs from a cache left behind by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, Syria, 26 January 2019

Mid-1990s: Franz Fuchs, Austrian serial mail bomber, killed four and injured 15 with waves of mail bombs and improvised explosive devices.

- Letter bomb

Common forms of VOIED include the under-vehicle IED (UVIED), improvised landmines, and mail bombs.

- Improvised explosive device
Ammunition rigged for an IED discovered by Iraqi police in Baghdad in November 2005

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