Distribution of pre-Hispanic people of Chile
Cerro Grande de La Compañía hosting one of the southernmost fortresses of the Inca Empire.
Huamán Poma de Ayala's drawing of the confrontation between the Mapuches (left) and the Incas (right).
Synthesis map of the Inca Empires area of control and influence in central and south-central Chile.
View of an Inca archaeological site at Cerro El Plomo, a mountain and Inca ceremonial centre in Central Chile.

During the Inca attempt to conquer Chile the southern Picunche peoples that successfully resisted them were later known as the Promaucaes.

- Picunche

The Picunche people, who inhabited this last region south of Maipo Valley up to the Itata River, refused to submit to the rule of the Inca and called on their allies south of the Maule; the Antalli, Pincu, and Cauqui to join in opposing these invaders.

- Incas in Central Chile
Distribution of pre-Hispanic people of Chile

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