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Political science

political scientistPolitical Sciencespolitical analyst
Political science –

A priori and a posteriori

a prioria posterioriA priori'' and ''a posteriori
a posteriori –

Lost, mislaid, and abandoned property

derelictunclaimed propertyabandoned property
Abandoned property –

Abandonment (legal)

Abandonment (legal) –

Abolitionism in the United States

Abolitionism in the United States –


abolitionistabolition of slaveryabolitionists
Abolitionism –

Abortion debate

abortionmorality of abortionabortion rights
Abortion, legal and moral issues –

Abuse of process

abuse of judicial processabuseabuse the legal process
Abuse of process –


social acceptanceacceptedacceptable
Acceptance –


aiding and abettingcomplicitysteerer
Accomplice –

Accord and satisfaction

satisfactionsatisfaction and release of judgment
Accord and satisfaction –