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Indian Gorkhas (Bharatiya Gorkha), also known as Nepali Indians, are Nepali language-speaking Indian citizens.wikipedia
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Tamang people

TamangTamangsBon Lamaism
The caste groups include the Khas-Parbatiyas including Bahun (Brahmins), Chhetri, Kami, Damai, Sarki, etc. Other ethnic groups include Newar, Gurung, Magar, Tamang, Thami, Bhujel (Khawas), Kirati, Rai (Khambu), Limbu (Subba), Sunuwar (Mukhia),Yakkha (Dewan),Thami, Sherpa, and Yolmo.
The Tamang (Devanagari: तामाङ; tāmāng) are the largest Tibetic ethnic group of Nepalis and Indian Gorkhas.

Ram Singh Thakuri

Ram Singh ThakurCapt. Ram Singh Thakuri
Ram Singh Thakuri 15 August 1914 – 15 April 2002) was an Indian Gorkha freedom fighter, musician and composer.

Durga Malla

Major Dūrgā Malla was the first Gorkha soldier from the Indian Gorkhas, Khas ethnic group in Indian National Army (INA) to sacrifice his life for the cause of Indian independence movement.

Louis Banks

Louis Banks was born to Indian Gorkha parents Sarswati and George Banks, a musician, in his hometown of Darjeeling.


DarjilingDarjeeling, IndiaDarjeeling Hills
The varied culture of the town reflects its diverse demographic milieu comprising Lepcha, Khampa, Gorkha, Newar, Sherpa, Bhutia, Bengali and other mainland Indian ethno-linguistic groups.

Trilochan Pokhrel

Trilochan Pokhrel (died 1969) was the first Sikkimese freedom fighter of Nepali (Gorkha) origin.

Pratibha Sinha

Pratibha Sinha is of Nepali ethnicity, born to Nepali citizen father C. P. Lohani, who is a former actor and businessman from Kathmandu, and a Nepali origin mother Mala Sinha.

Shiva Thapa

* Shiva Thapa - Boxer (youngest Indian boxer to qualify for the Olympic Games)
Shiva Thapa is the youngest of six children born to a Indian Gorkha father Padam Thapa, a karate instructor in Guwahati.

Tarundeep Rai

* Tarundeep Rai - Archer, Asian Games 2011 silver medalist, Arjuna Award recipient 2005
He belongs to the Indian Gorkha community.

Kumar Pradhan

K.L. Pradhan
Kumar Pradhan (Nepali: कुमार प्रधान; 7 May 1937 – 22 December 2013) was a Nepali Indian historian and writer whose research interests include the History of the Eastern Himalayas, Genealogical studies and the Nepali literature.

Madan Tamang

Madan Tamang was an Indian politician, a Gorkha leader, and the president of Akhil Bharatiya Gorkha League (ABGL), a moderate faction of the Gorkhaland movement.

Prashant Tamang

A radio jockey Jonathan Brady (also known as Nitin) of Red FM, an FM radio channel in Delhi, commented in a live broadcast in his show that "shopkeepers will now have to make their own security arrangements as Gorkhas have taken to singing" when referring to Prashant Tamang, who is a Gorkhali, singing in the Indian Idol 3 contest.


The term "Indian Gorkha" is used to differentiate the Gorkhas of India from the citizens of Nepal.
The Gurkhas or Gorkhas with endonym Gorkhali are soldiers native to the Indian subcontinent of Nepalese nationality and ethnic Nepalis of Indian nationality recruited for the British Army, Nepalese Army, Indian Army, Gurkha Contingent Singapore, Gurkha Reserve Unit Brunei, UN peacekeeping force and war zones around the world.

Damber Singh Gurung

Damber Singh Gurung (born 23 January 1915, dead 7 April 1948 in Kalimpong) was a politician, lawyer and social worker of the Indian Gorkha community.

Lalit Thapa

Although born in India Thapa is of Nepalese descent and thus eligible to play for either India or Nepal, although he has not made a senior appearance for either team.

Gorkhaland Territorial Administration

GorkhalandGorkhaland movementGorkhaland Movement in India
Gorkhaland is the name of the never proposed state in India that the Nepali-speaking Gorkha ethnic group in Darjeeling Kalimpong and the Dooars in north of West Bengal have expressed a desire to create.A demand for a separate administrative unit in Darjeeling has existed since 1909, when the Hillmen's Association of Darjeeling submitted a memorandum to Minto-Morley Reforms demanding a separate administrative setup.

Subhash Ghisingh

Subhas GhisingSubhash Ghising
The Gorkhaland movement grew from the demand of ethnic Gorkha (Nepali) living in Darjeeling District of West Bengal for a separate state.

Dil Kumari Bhandari

She was also the president of Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh, an organization of the Indian Gorkhas till 2012.

Raju Bista

Raju Singh Bisht Raju Singh Bisht Raju
Bista was born on 1 March 1986 in a Gorkha family of Vishnu and Prabah Bista in Charhajare, Senapati, Manipur.

Nepali language

NepaliNepaleseKhas language
Indian Gorkhas (Bharatiya Gorkha), also known as Nepali Indians, are Nepali language-speaking Indian citizens.

Indian people

Indian Gorkhas (Bharatiya Gorkha), also known as Nepali Indians, are Nepali language-speaking Indian citizens.


IndianRepublic of IndiaIND
The term "Indian Gorkha" is used to differentiate the Gorkhas of India from the citizens of Nepal.