Photograph of the Elliott House in the Old Silk Stocking Historic District
Phillippe Performing Arts Center (1996)
David Foster, Founder of Kokomo
Hodson Hall (1996)
Natural gas miners and their drill, near Kokomo, Indiana during the Indiana Gas Boom, c. 1885
President's Home (1998)
Elwood Haynes driving in his first automobile, the 1894 Pioneer, photo taken c. 1910
Maxwell Center for Business and Leadership (1998)
1904 newspaper advertisement for Haynes-Apperson
Recreation and Wellness Center (1999)
Ryan White in 1989 at a fundraising event in Indianapolis
Burns Hall (2000)
Location of the Kokomo-Peru CSA and its components:
Globe Theatre, Student Center (2001)
Downtown Kokomo in 2008
Williams Prayer Chapel (2001)
City Hall and Police Department building.
John Wesley Statue (2003)
Seiberling Mansion
Jackson Library (2003)
Old Ben – Born in 1902 and acclaimed as "The largest steer in the world"
John Wesley Administration Building (1894,2003)
The Vermont Covered Bridge – Another attraction to be found in Highland Park
Scripture Hall (2001) and Old University Fountain (2003)
US 31 in Kokomo in 2005, now designated State Road 931.
Upperclassman Lodges (2005)
Weather of Kokomo during December 2016
Student Center (1994,2001,2006)
Weather of Kokomo during December 2016
Student Center Mall (2006)
U.S. 31 during winters near Kokomo
Student Center Piazza (2006)
Beckett Hall (2007)
Elder Hall (2007)
Noggle Christian Ministries Center (1986,2008)
University Chapel (2010)
Wesley Seminary (2013)
Ott Hall of Science and Nursing (2014)
Eastburn Plaza and New University Fountain (2016)

Site-based classes are held at 14 Education Centers: Indianapolis North and West, Fort Wayne, Kokomo, Greenwood, Merrillville, and Marion, Indiana; Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus and Dayton, Ohio; Louisville, Lexington, and Florence, Kentucky.

- Indiana Wesleyan University

Indiana Wesleyan University – Kokomo Campus

- Kokomo, Indiana

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Beachy with the Atlanta Braves

Brandon Beachy

American former professional baseball pitcher.

American former professional baseball pitcher.

Beachy with the Atlanta Braves
Beachy signing autographs in 2012

Beachy attended Northwestern Senior High School in Kokomo, Indiana.

After high school, he attended Indiana Wesleyan University, where he played third base, first base, and pitched for the Indiana Wesleyan Wildcats.