International Student Identity Card

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Internationally accepted proof of student status.

- International Student Identity Card

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Prague Metro

Rapid transit network of Prague, Czech Republic.

Prague Metro map
Muzeum station on line C
Nemocnice Motol (Motol Hospital) station on line A
Metro M1 on a test track, Prague
Metro kit 81-71M
Metro M1, interior
81-71M, interior
Ladislav Rott's proposal to the Prague City Council.
Ládví, line C
Vyšehrad station on line C
For its unorthodox three-level platform design, Rajská zahrada station was named Czech Building of the Year in 1999
Extent of flooding in the metro network in 2002
Escalators in Prague Metro
Prague metro extensions
Prosek station in Prague
A medieval bridge in Můstek station
The longest escalator in the EU at Náměstí Míru
Anděl (Angel) station on line B
Validating a ticket using the data and time stamp machine
Bořislavka station
New entrance to Hradčanská station
Můstek station
Entrance to Strašnická station
Depo Hostivař station
Zličín station
Hůrka station
Metro platforms at Smíchovské nádraží
Entrance to Národní třída station
Invalidovna station
Rajská zahrada station
Háje station
Kačerov station
Metro platforms at Hlavní nádraží (main station)
Metro platforms at Nádraží Holešovice
Kobylisy station
Střížkov station
Letňany station
Transfer corridor in Florenc
Transfer corridor in station Můstek
Entrance to the transfer corridor in the station Muzeum
81-71M, originally a subway car made in the USSR, reconstructed in Czech Škoda Transportation
M1, made in Siemens a ČKD
Prototype R1 made in ČKD Tatra, (never in official operation)
Metrovagonmash Ečs, in operation in 1974-1997
81-71, in operation 1978-2009
Nuselský most (Nusle bridge)
Station Vyšehrad under the Nusle bridge
Metro tube between stations Hůrka a Lužiny
Metro tube between stations Hůrka a Lužiny
Metro tube between stations Černý most and Rajská zahrada
Sidewalk above the subway tube between station Černý most and Rajská zahrada

Students studying in the Czech republic with a valid student license ISIC, children under 18 years old and seniors over 60 years of age can buy season tickets at reduced prices.

York Federation of Students

York Federation of Students (YFS) represents approximately 50,000 students at York University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Canadian Federation of Students

Largest student organization in Canada, representing over 530,000 students from across Canada.

the International Student Identity Card (see below);

Hitch-hiker's Guide to Europe

Travel guide, by "Australian expatriate" Ken Welsh and first published in 1971 in the UK by Pan Books.

The front cover of the 1972 first US edition of the Hitch-hiker's Guide to Europe.

International Student Identity Cards

Concessionary fares on the British railway network

No single 'discount railcard' available on the UK railway network.

Young Persons Railcard issued in 2003.
Recent version of the Network Railcard.
Pre-APTIS version of the Annual Season Ticket Holder's Railcard, issued for one year from June 1987.
APTIS Annual Season Ticket Holder's Railcard, issued for one year from March 1988.
A Gold Card valid for unlimited travel for a year between Broadstairs and Ashford (Kent), and also discounted off-peak travel throughout the Network SouthEast area. Notice the Network SouthEast logo in the top left corner.
A Gold Card Partner's Card.

(In this instance, a "full-time student" is considered to be a person who studies at a "recognised educational establishment" for at least 15 hours per week and 20 weeks per year, or a person who holds an International Student Identity Card.)

Travel CUTS

Canadian travel agency specializing in youth travel.

Allamanda Voyages travel agency in Paris

Travelcuts was founded with the purpose of providing discounted travel and International Student Identity Cards to students.

Federation of Estonian Student Unions

Umbrella organization currently represents over 95% of Estonian students.

EÜL also distributes the International Student Identity Card which is an identity card for students, teachers and youth in general.

KILROY International

KILROY International A/S heads a European group of companies that are leaders in travel, educational counselling and student benefits.

Reconstruction of Copenhagen c. 1500

Student Benefits through the student identification and lifestyle card; ISIC.

Korea Rail Pass

Rail pass offered by Korail (Korea Railroad Corporation), the national railway operator of South Korea.

Russia, Saint-Petersburg: paper based 10 trips electronic (RFID) transit pass

The Youth Pass can also be used by students holding International Student Identity Card.

TR Pass

Rail pass offered by Taiwan Railway Administration , granting holders of the pass unlimited rides on trains operated by TRA within the day count.

Russia, Saint-Petersburg: paper based 10 trips electronic (RFID) transit pass

Foreign students should buy their pass by showing their passport with an International Student Identity Card or a Youth Travel Card.