Itami Airport

Itami Air Base around 1954
Itami Air Base entrance sign – 1957
Domestic Terminal seen in 1971, with a handful of Boeing 727s and NAMC-YS 11
International terminal 1971
Aerial view of Itami Airport and surrounding cities in 2009
Air Force One aircraft parked at Osaka Airport
Osaka Monorail train leaving Osaka Airport Station
Sorayan, Itami Airport's mascot.

Primary regional airport for the Kansai region of Japan, including the major cities of Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe.

- Itami Airport

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Kansai International Airport

Primary international airport in the Greater Osaka Area of Japan and the closest international airport to the cities of Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe.

3rd floor boarding lobby, within the longest airport terminal in the world
Satellite photo of Kansai Airport (lower-right island) in Osaka Bay. Kobe Airport is being built on the unfinished island near the middle of the photo. Central Osaka is in the upper-right corner, along with Osaka International.
Airport Map
Kansai International Airport with the terminal building in the background
4th floor ticketing hall, illustrating the terminal's airfoil roof
Second phase of Kansai International Airport under construction
Kansai Airport in 2006
Kansai International Airport's roof
Terminal 1 Interior Escalator
Terminal 2 departures lobby
Terminal 2 Restricted area shops
Kensetsu-to, the headquarters of Peach Aviation and the Kansai International Airport Land Development Co., Ltd.
Sky Gate Bridge to the mainland

Kansai opened on 4 September 1994 to relieve overcrowding at the original Osaka International Airport, referred to as Itami Airport, which is closer to the city of Osaka and now handles only domestic flights.


City in Osaka Prefecture, Japan.

Osaka International Airport is partially located in Toyonaka including its terminal, although it is more commonly associated with the city of Itami.

Japan Airlines

International airline and Japan's flag carrier and second largest airline as of 2021, headquartered in Shinagawa, Tokyo.

Japan Airlines flight attendants in front of Martin 2-0-2 Mokusei (もく星) on the occasion of the airline's inaugural flight, 25 October 1951
A Japan Airlines Douglas DC-6A (named City of Nara) at San Francisco International Airport in March 1954
JAL's first jet, the Douglas DC-8, named Yoshino, in 1960
A Tupolev Tu-114 in Aeroflot/JAL livery, used between Japan and Europe via Moscow
Former Japanese Prime Minister Noboru Takeshita deplanes from a JAL McDonnell Douglas DC-10 while on a state visit to the United States in 1989
JAL McDonnell Douglas DC-10 in 1989 to 2002 livery
A Japan Air System (JAS) Airbus A300-600R with JAL logo on the fuselage
JAL Boeing 737-800 short-haul airliner
Japan Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-11
JAL Boeing 777-300 (JA8941) with special Oneworld livery
JAL was one of the largest Boeing 747-400 operators (the other being British Airways and Singapore Airlines). The last 747 was retired in early 2011 as part of its restructuring program, ending 41 years of 747 service.
Subsidiaries and Affiliates of Japan Airlines.
Japan Airlines headquarters in Shinagawa, Tokyo
A Japan Airlines McDonnell-Douglas MD-81 in the former "Arc of the Sun" livery and with a Unicef logo
JAL Boeing 787-8 in the current "tsurumaru" livery at Domodedovo International Airport in Moscow
JAL Eco Jet
Japan Airlines hubs map
A Boeing 727-100 at Tokyo's Haneda Airport in 1964
JAL Boeing 747-100BSR/SUD with stretched upper deck in 1987
JAL Cargo Boeing 747-400BCF just after takeoff from London Heathrow Airport in 2007
A Convair 880 at Los Angeles International Airport in 1964
A Douglas DC-8-53 at New York in 1970
JAL Suite First Class
JAL Executive Class Seasons Shell Flat seat
JAL Economy cabin with MAGIC systems
In-flight nose camera view
JAL Executive Class Seasons in-flight meal
Sakura Lounge in Narita International Airport Terminal 2

Its main hubs are Tokyo's Narita International Airport and Haneda Airport, as well as Osaka's Kansai International Airport and Itami Airport.

Kobe Airport

Airport on an artificial island just off the coast of Kobe, 8 km south of Sannomiya Station Japan.

Kobe Airport (bottom) under construction in 2003
Passenger concourse
Kobe Airport and transportations to the downtown

At the time, government planners were seeking alternatives to the heavily congested Osaka International Airport: the original Kobe Airport plan called for six runways more than 3000 m in length on a 1100 ha facility.


City located in Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan.

Itami City Library (伊丹市立図書館)
Itami City Museum of Insects

Most of Osaka International Airport is located in Itami (hence its common name "Itami Airport"); it is Osaka's primary domestic airport, after all international flights and some domestic flights shifted to Kansai International Airport in 1994.

Vinci SA

French concessions and construction company founded in 1899 as Société Générale d'Enterprises.

Vinci and Orix won a 45-year contract in 2015 to operate Itami Airport and Kansai International Airport in Osaka Prefecture, Japan, at a price of around $18 billion.


1957 American Technicolor drama film starring Marlon Brando in Technirama.

Theatrical release poster
Theatrical release poster

Fighter ace Major Lloyd "Ace" Gruver (Marlon Brando), of the United States Air Force, the son of a U.S. Army general, is stationed at Itami Air Force Base near Kobe, Japan.

Ikeda, Osaka

City in Osaka Prefecture, Japan.

Ikeda Instant Noodle Museum
JAL Express headquarters in Ikeda

Osaka International Airport (also known as Itami Airport) is in nearby Itami and Toyonaka


Capital city of Kyoto Prefecture in Japan.

Kyoto seen from Mount Atago in the northwest corner of the city
Light blue represents the Kyoto metropolitan area defined by Kyōto Toshiken Jichitai Network and blue represents Kyoto MEA.
Kyoto International Conference Center
Kyoto City Hall
Kyoto Economic Center
Nintendo main headquarters
Kyoto University
Kansai Airport express Haruka at Kyōto Station
Inside Kyōto Station
Railway map around Kyoto City
Shinkansen at Kyoto Station
An express service bound for Kokusaikaikan Station of the Karasuma Line is running on Kintetsu Kyoto Line
Platform screen doors at Higashiyama Station of the Tōzai Line
A typical Kyoto Municipal Bus
Shijō Street
Kyoto and Karasuma Street seen from Kyoto Tower
Expressway map around Kyoto City. Roads and junctions under planning are shown by dotted lines.
Tourists on street near Kiyomizu-dera
Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum
Kyoto Botanical Garden
A tsukemono shop on Nishiki Street
A monk by the Katsura River in Arashiyama
Ponto-chō Street
Geishas in Kyoto
Sanga Stadium by Kyocera, home of Kyoto Sanga FC.
18th-century map with the Japanese capital "Meaco"
Kyōto Station (2018)
Teramachi (2018)
Kawaramachi (2017)
Kyoto Skylines from Kiyomizu-dera(2015)
Kyoto International Manga Museum (2008)
Rakutō (Yamashina)
Rakutō (Lake Biwa Canal)
Rakusai (Katsura)
Rakusai (Arashiyama)
Rakunan (Momoyama)
Rakunan (Fushimi)
Rakuhoku (Kitaōji)
Rakuhoku (Kamigamo)
Shimogamo Shrine
Kamigamo Shrine(Kamo Shrine)
Emperor Kanmu
Daidairi (palace in the center) and the cityscape of Heian-kyō
Ōnin War
Nijō Castle
Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Sanjō Ōhashi (The Fifty-three Stations of the Tōkaidō)
Perspective Pictures of Places in Japan: Sanjūsangen-dō in Kyoto
Fushimi Castle
Kinmon incident
Battle of Toba–Fushimi (Boshin War)
View of Kyoto from beside the Hondō of Kiyomizudera. – 1879<ref>{{Cite web |url= |title=Beautiful Kiyomizu-dera Temple in Kyoto, Japan c. 1879 |last=Tom |date=2015-08-25 |website=Cool Old Photos |language=en-US |access-date=2019-03-03 |archive-date=2019-03-06 |archive-url= |url-status=live }}</ref>
Nanzenji aqueduct
Kamigamo Shrine
Nishi Hongan-ji
Nijō Castle
Gion Matsuri
Aoi Matsuri
Jidai Matsuri
Gozan no Okuribi
Kyocera Sanga Stadium (Kameoka)
Takebishi Stadium Kyoto (Kyoto Nishikyogoku Athletic Park)
Wakasa Stadium Kyoto (Kyoto Nishikyogoku Athletic Park)
Hannaryz Arena (Kyoto Municipal Gymnasium)
Kyoto Racecourse

Although Kyoto does not have its own large commercial airport, travelers can get to the city via nearby Itami Airport, Kobe Airport or Kansai International Airport.

Songshan Airport

Regional airport and military airbase located in Songshan, Taipei, Taiwan .

Civil Air Transport flight at Songshan Airport in 1966.
Taipei Songshan Airport Terminal 2.
Songshan Airport observation deck
Countries and cities with direct flights to Taipei Songshan
Songshan Airport metro station

Flights to Bangkok–Don Mueang, Jakarta–Halim Perdanakusuma, Kuala Lumpur–Subang, Manila–Sangley Point, Nagoya–Komaki, Osaka–Itami, Seoul–Gimpo, Singapore–Seletar, Shanghai–Hongqiao, and Tokyo–Haneda are especially attractive since these airports are also in the central areas of their respective cities, and all these cities have larger far flung international airports.