Jack Oakie

Jack Oakie's College
Jack Oakie (born Lewis Delaney Offield, November 12, 1903 – January 23, 1978) was an American actor, starring mostly in films, but also working on stage, radio and television.wikipedia
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The Great Dictator

Adenoid HynkelEsther MichelsonGreat Dictator, The
He portrayed Napaloni in Chaplin's The Great Dictator (1940), receiving a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.
The Great Dictator was nominated for five Academy Awards – Outstanding Production, Best Actor, Best Writing (Original Screenplay), Best Supporting Actor for Jack Oakie, and Best Music (Original Score).

Northridge, Los Angeles

NorthridgeNorthridge, CaliforniaNorthridge, CA
Jack and Victoria Oakie lived their entire married life at "Oakridge", their 11 acre estate at 18650 Devonshire Street (just west of Reseda Boulevard) in Northridge, a suburb of Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley.
Later, actor Jack Oakie owned the property and lived on it. The Oakie house was set for the wrecking ball, but in 2010 the city agreed to buy the Tudor-style stone landmark and its 10 acre ranch estate.

Victoria Horne

Oakie's second marriage was to actress Victoria Horne in 1950, with whom he lived at "Oakridge" until his death in 1978.
She married actor Jack Oakie in 1950 and remained with him until his death on January 23, 1978.

Breaking Point (1963 TV series)

Breaking PointBreaking Point'' (1963 TV series)The Breaking Point.
Late in his career he appeared in various episodes of a number of television shows, including The Real McCoys (1963, three times as Uncle Rightly), Breaking Point (Episode #22 A Child of the Center Ring,1964), Daniel Boone (1966), and Bonanza (1966).
Jack Oakie

Hit the Deck (1930 film)

Hit the DeckHit the Deck'' (1930 film)in 1930
Hit the Deck is a 1930 American musical film directed by Luther Reed, which starred Jack Oakie and Polly Walker, and featured Technicolor sequences.

Street Girl

Street Girl is a 1929 pre-Code musical film directed by Wesley Ruggles and starring Betty Compson, John Harron and Jack Oakie.

The Real McCoys

The Real McCoys Reunion
Late in his career he appeared in various episodes of a number of television shows, including The Real McCoys (1963, three times as Uncle Rightly), Breaking Point (Episode #22 A Child of the Center Ring,1964), Daniel Boone (1966), and Bonanza (1966).
In 1963, Jack Oakie appeared three times in the role of Uncle Rightly.

United Airlines Flight 624

crash of United Airlines Flight 624Flight 624United Air Lines Flight 624
(She died in 1948 in the crash of United Airlines Flight 624 at Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania).
Among the passengers were Broadway theatre impresario Earl Carroll and his girlfriend, actress Beryl Wallace; Henry L. Jackson, men's fashion editor of Collier's Weekly magazine and co-founder of Esquire Magazine; and Venita Varden Oakie, the former wife of actor Jack Oakie.

Fast Company (1929 film)

Fast Company1929Fast Company'' (1929 film)
Fast Company is a 1929 American Pre-Code comedy film directed by A. Edward Sutherland and starring Jack Oakie and Evelyn Brent.

List of Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monuments in the San Fernando Valley

Historic-Cultural Monuments in the San Fernando ValleyLos Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument952
The Paul Williams house and the grounds are Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument #484.

Barton Fink

Jack Oakie is mentioned in the Coen Brothers film Barton Fink as the favorite actor of Charlie, a character played by John Goodman.
Even Charlie's underwear matches that worn by his filmic hero Jack Oakie.

Million Dollar Legs (1932 film)

Million Dollar LegsMillion Dollar Legs'' (1932 film)
Million Dollar Legs is a 1932 American pre-Code comedy film starring Jack Oakie and W.C. Fields, directed by Edward F. Cline, produced by Herman J. Mankiewicz (co-writer of Citizen Kane) and B.P. Schulberg, co-written by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, and released by Paramount Pictures.

Paramount on Parade

Paramount en parade
Featured stars included Jean Arthur, Richard Arlen, Clara Bow, Evelyn Brent, Buddy Rogers, Jack Oakie, Helen Kane, Maurice Chevalier, Nancy Carroll, George Bancroft, Kay Francis, Richard "Skeets" Gallagher, Gary Cooper, Fay Wray, Lillian Roth and other Paramount stars.

Finders Keepers (1928 film)

Finders KeepersFinders Keepers'' (1928 film)
Jack Oakie - B.B. Brown

Sky Bride

The film stars Richard Arlen, Jack Oakie and Virginia Bruce.

The Fleet's In (1928 film)

The Fleet's In
The film stars Clara Bow, James Hall, Jack Oakie, Bodil Rosing, Eddie Dunn, and Jean Laverty.

Uptown New York

Uptown New York is a 1932 American Pre-Code film directed by Victor Schertzinger and starring Jack Oakie, Shirley Grey, and Leon Ames.

The Sap from Syracuse

The film stars Jack Oakie, Ginger Rogers, Granville Bates, George Barbier, and Verree Teasdale.

Madison Square Garden (film)

Madison Square GardenMadison Square Garden'' (film)
The film stars Jack Oakie, Thomas Meighan, Marian Nixon, William Collier, Sr., ZaSu Pitts, Lew Cody and William "Stage" Boyd.

Touchdown (1931 film)

Touchdown is a 1931 American pre-Code football film directed by Norman Z. McLeod and starring Richard Arlen, Peggy Shannon, Jack Oakie and Regis Toomey.

Once in a Lifetime (1932 film)

Once in a Lifetimefilm versionOnce in a Lifetime'' (1932 film)
The film was produced and distributed by Universal Pictures, directed by Russell Mack and stars Jack Oakie, Sidney Fox and Aline MacMahon.

From Hell to Heaven

It was directed by Erle C. Kenton, and features an ensemble cast including Carole Lombard, Jack Oakie, Adrienne Ames and Sidney Blackmer.

The Social Lion

The Social Lion is a 1930 American Pre-Code comedy film directed by A. Edward Sutherland and written by Octavus Roy Cohen, Joseph L. Mankiewicz and Agnes Brand Leahy, and starring Jack Oakie, Mary Brian, Richard "Skeets" Gallagher, Olive Borden, Charles Sellon, Cyril Ring and E. H. Calvert.