Mookie Betts hits a pitch by swinging his bat
Sam Thompson, a Hall of Fame and Philadelphia Baseball Wall of Fame member, holds the Phillies' single-season record for triples (28 in 1894).
Jim Tabor hit 14 home runs in two seasons with the Phillies.
So Taguchi batted in nine runs in his only Philadelphia season.
Reggie Taylor was the Phillies' first-round draft pick in 1995.
Robinson Tejeda won four games and lost three during the 2005 season.
Roy Thomas had two Phillies tenures: from 1899 to 1908, and again from 1910 to 1911.
While with the Phillies, Jim Thome hit his 400th career home run.
After his baseball career, Jocko Thompson had a bridge in the Netherlands named after him relating to his service in World War II.
Second baseman Joe Thurston had a one-season tenure with the Phillies.
Ledell Titcomb won no games and lost five with Philadelphia in 1886.
John Titus played ten seasons with the Phillies, batting in 475 runs.
Manny Trillo was the Phillies' starting second baseman during their 1980 World Series-winning season.
Chase Utley leads all batters in this list with 188 home runs as of the end of the 2011 season.
Infielder Wilson Valdez has hit more home runs with Philadelphia than he did with any of the other teams for whom he has played.
Ben Van Dyke struck out five batters and walked four in the 1909 season.
Andy Van Slyke batted .243 for the Phillies in 1995.
Shane Victorino has stolen 155 bases for the Phillies through the end of 2011.

Baseball player in the National League from 1891 to 1899.

- Jack Taylor (1890s pitcher)

Jack Taylor leads this list with 96 victories and 77 defeats, and Wayne Twitchell has the most strikeouts, with 573.

- Philadelphia Phillies all-time roster (T–V)
Mookie Betts hits a pitch by swinging his bat

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