Heavy snowfall and strong winds during a 2016 blizzard, New York City
The ice storm affected a large part of eastern Ontario, southwest Quebec, and New York state. This map shows the accumulation of freezing rain in those areas.
National Guard members clear a road of fallen trees after a February 2021 winter storm in Putnam County, West Virginia.
2 in of ice on a twig, illustrating the impact.
Snow storm in Modena, Italy
A T-shirt sold in Ottawa, Ontario, a region affected by the 1998 North American Ice Storm.
Wet snow and sleet during a winter storm, on the deck of RFA Tidespring south of Plymouth in the English Channel.
Coated in ice, power and telephone lines sag and often break, resulting in power outages.
Crabapple covered in icy glaze due to freezing rain. Ice storms often coat many surfaces. Severe ice storms, which may occur in spring, can kill plant life.
2008 Chinese winter storm in Hefei, Anhui Province, China

Snow is produced at upper levels in such a winter storm system, but it eventually melts into rain as it falls through a warm air layer of above-freezing temperature (of at least 1200 ft in-depth) associated with the overrunning.

- January 1998 North American ice storm

Notable ice storms include an El Niño-related North American ice storm of 1998 that affected much of eastern Canada, including Montreal and Ottawa, as well as upstate New York and part of New England.

- Winter storm
Heavy snowfall and strong winds during a 2016 blizzard, New York City

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