Japan–United Kingdom relations

Anglo-Japanese relationsJapan-United Kingdom relationsBritish-Japanese relationsBritish–Japanese relationsChief Minister to the JapansGreat BritainJapan–UK relationsopening of tradeUnited Kingdom–Japan relations
Japan–United Kingdom relations are the bilateral and diplomatic relations between Japan and the United Kingdom.wikipedia
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Henry Dyer

Henry Dyer (23 August 1848 – 25 September 1918) was a Scottish engineer who contributed much to founding Western-style technical education in Japan and Anglo-Japanese relations.


Knightsbridge, LondonKnightsbridge GreenKnightsbridge Town Hall
From 1885 to 1887, as a result of the opening of trade between Britain and the Far East, Humphreys' Hall in Knightsbridge hosted an exhibition of Japanese culture in a setting built to resemble a traditional Japanese village.

Japan–British Society

Japan-British Society
Membership of the Society is open to anyone with an interest in the cause of Japan-United Kingdom relations, and on the recommendation of a member of the Society or upon attending a membership interview.

William Adams (sailor, born 1564)

William AdamsWilliam Adams (sailor)Adams, William
The history of the relationship between Japan and England began in 1600 with the arrival of William Adams (Adams the Pilot, Miura Anjin) on the shores of Kyushu at Usuki in Ōita Prefecture.

British Embassy, Tokyo

British Embassy in TokyoBritish EmbassyBritain's Tokyo Embassy
See also the chronology on the website of British Embassy, Tokyo.
The British embassy performs a sustaining role in Japan–United Kingdom relations, dealing with political, economic and cultural interaction between the two nations, and also offers visa services to Japanese and other nationals in Japan.

Anglo-Japanese Treaty of Amity and Commerce

Treaty of Amity and Commerce (U.K.-Japan) or Anglo-Japanese Treaty of Amity and CommerceTreaty of Amity and CommerceTreaty of Yedo

Tientsin incident

TientsinblockadedCraigie-Arita formula
In the summer of 1939, a major crisis in Anglo-Japanese relations occurred with the Tientsin Incident.

Bombardment of Kagoshima

Anglo-Satsuma Warbombarded Kagoshimabombarding the port of Kagoshima

Ernest Mason Satow

Ernest SatowSir Ernest SatowSatow
He was a key figure in East Asia and Anglo-Japanese relations, particularly in Bakumatsu (1853–1867) and Meiji-period (1868–1912) Japan, and in China after the Boxer Rebellion, 1900–06.

Japan–British Exhibition

Japan-British ExhibitionJapan-British Exhibition (1910)1910 Japan-British Exhibition

Joseph Henry Longford

Longford, Joseph Henry
Longford laboured long and hard to produce several readable and compendious books on Japan and as a member of the Japan Society of London was a strong supporter of maintaining good Anglo-Japanese relations.

Hugh Cortazzi

CortazziSir Hugh CortazziCortazzi, Hugh
Sir Hugh has written, edited, translated or contributed to a number of books on the history of Anglo-Japanese relations, and Japanese history or culture.