Java BluePrints

Sun Microsystems' best practices for Enterprise Java development.

- Java BluePrints

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Application server

Server that hosts applications or software that delivers a business application through a communication protocol.

A computer network diagram of client computers communicating with a server computer via the Internet

EJB container: Enterprise Beans are used to manage transactions. According to the Java BluePrints, the business logic of an application resides in Enterprise Beans—a modular server component providing many features, including declarative transaction management, and improving application scalability.

Apache iBATIS

Persistence framework which automates the mapping between SQL databases and objects in Java, .NET, and Ruby on Rails.

Relational database terminology

For that purpose Microsoft built its own version of Sun's Web "Pet Store", a Web project that Sun had used to show Java best practices (Java BluePrints).

JSP model 2 architecture

Complex design pattern used in the design of Java Web applications which separates the display of content from the logic used to obtain and manipulate the content.

A simplified diagram of the Model 2 pattern.

The Java BluePrints, for example, originally recommended using EJBs to encapsulate the MVC Model.