Cover of the Winter 1950 issue. Artwork is by Allen Anderson.
The March 1951 issue of Planet Stories; art by Allen Anderson
Jerome Bixby c. 1954
Planet Stories published Graham Ingels's only cover for a science fiction pulp in 1944.
Bixby's "The God-Plllnk" was the cover story of the December 1963 issue of Worlds of Tomorrow
A characteristic Planet Stories cover, by Alexander Leydenfrost. Planet Stories was one of the magazines to make the "bug-eyed monster", or "BEM", a staple of science fiction art.
Interior illustration by Alexander Leydenfrost for Bradbury's "The Million Year Picnic"
The November 1953 Planet Stories, by Kelly Freas, showing the "sexual dimorphism" mentioned by Harry Harrison, and also showing the new cover logo that was adopted from the Spring 1947 issue

Two Complete Science-Adventure Books was an American pulp science fiction magazine, published by Fiction House, which lasted for eleven issues between 1950 and 1954 as a companion to Planet Stories.

- Two Complete Science-Adventure Books

Bixby was the editor of Planet Stories from Summer 1950 to July 1951, Jungle Stories from Fall 1949 to Spring 1951 (a magazine which featured stories of Tarzan-imitation Ki-Gor and, briefly, Sheena, Queen of the Jungle), Action Stories from Fall 1949 to Fall 1950, and founding editor of Two Complete Science-Adventure Books (from Winter 1950 to July 1951) and of Two Western Romances from Summer 1950 to Summer 1951 (by which time it was retitled 2 Western-Action Books).

- Jerome Bixby

Malcolm Reiss, who oversaw several of Fiction House's magazines and comics, was editorially involved with the Two Complete Science-Adventure Stories throughout its life, but for the first three issues Jerome Bixby, who at that time was editing Planet Stories, took on the new magazine as well.

- Two Complete Science-Adventure Books

With the Summer 1950 issue the editorship passed to Jerome Bixby, who was already editing Jungle Stories.

- Planet Stories

It was titled Two Complete Science-Adventure Books; the policy was to print two novels in a single magazine.

- Planet Stories
Cover of the Winter 1950 issue. Artwork is by Allen Anderson.

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