Jiuzhen CommanderyCửu Chân
Jiuzhen (Chinese: 九真) was a Chinese commandery within Jiaozhou.wikipedia
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Jiaozhou (region)

JiaozhouJiao ProvinceGiao Châu
Jiuzhen (Chinese: 九真) was a Chinese commandery within Jiaozhou.
In addition to six original commanderies (Nanhai, Hepu, Cangwu, Yulin, Jiaozhi and Jiuzhen), the Han Empire conquered new territories on Hainan as well as in the area south of the Ngang Pass and established them as the commanderies of Zhuya, Dan'er, and Rinan.

Chinese language

ChineseChinese:Regional dialect
Jiuzhen (Chinese: 九真) was a Chinese commandery within Jiaozhou.

Commandery (China)

commanderycommanderiesgrand administrator
Jiuzhen (Chinese: 九真) was a Chinese commandery within Jiaozhou.

Thanh Hóa Province

Thanh HóaThanh HoaThanh Hoa Province
It is located in present-day Thanh Hóa province.

Lü Jia (Nanyue)

Lü JiaLữ Gia[Lü] Jia
According to Vietnamese legend, he was a Lạc Việt chief born in Lôi Dương, Cửu Chân (mordern Thọ Xuân District, Thanh Hóa Province, Vietnam).


Giao ChỉJiaozhi CommanderyGiao Chi
Zhao Tuo declared his independent kingdom of Nanyue in 204 and organized his Vietnamese territory as the two commanderies of Jiaozhi and Jiuzhen (present-day Thanh Hóa, Nghệ An, and Hà Tĩnh).

Long Biên

LongbianLong Uyen
Jiao Province also held the commanderies of Nanhai, Cangwu, Yulin, Hepu, Jiuzhen, and Rinan.

Military history of the Three Kingdoms

Zhang Meng (warlord)
His son Shi Hui was given the post of prefect in Jiuzhen Commandery while Chen Shi became prefect of Jiaozhi Commandery.

Military of the Han dynasty

Army of the Han dynastycivil warEastern Han military
In 40 AD, Jiuzhen, Jiaozhi, and Rinan commanderies rebelled under the Trung sisters.

First Chinese domination of Vietnam

First Chinese dominationFirst Northern DominationChinese control

Shi Hui (Three Kingdoms)

Shi Hui
In the same time, Shi Hui was appointed as Administrator of Jiuzhen ordered to leave Jiaozhi, while Chen Shi, a close aide of Sun Quan, was to replace him as the Administrator of Jiaozhi.

Eastern Wu

WuKingdom of WuWu Kingdom
In 248, the people of Jiaozhi and Jiuzhen commanderies rebelled.

Three Kingdoms

Three Kingdoms periodThree Kingdoms eraThe Three Kingdoms
In 248, the people of Jiaozhi and Jiuzhen commanderies rebelled.

Lady Triệu

Bà TriệuTrieu Thi TrinhTriệu Thị Trinh
However, the Sanguozhi (Records of the Three Kingdoms), a classical Chinese historical account, does mention a rebellion at this time in the commanderies of Jiaozhi (交趾; Vietnamese: Giao Chỉ) and Jiuzhen (九真, Vietnamese: Cửu Chân):

Qin campaign against the Yue tribes

Qin's campaign against the Yue tribesfirst failed invasionInvasions
Following Zhao's capture of Au Lac, Zhao partitioned it into two prefectures Jiaozhi and Jiuzhen.

Bhadravarman I

BhadravarmanFan Hu TaFànhúdá
In 399, Bhadravarman went on a military campaign up north and succeeded in capturing the Vietnamese provinces of Rinan and Jiuzhen (Cửu Chân).